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Monday, 23 April 2018

French Garrison of Quebec 1755-59

Finally since 1989. I have been able to build, paint, mount and field the Metropolitan French Regiments which were sent to New France.
La Reina, Two battalions of Berry, Landuc, Gueyenne, La Sarre, Royal Roussillon,
Other information to follow

Friday, 20 April 2018

Revell Germany 18th century Seven Years War reinforcement

I returned my security officers uniforms today, and stopped at the hobby shop I go to. I picked up the new double sets they have. One is the Prussian/Austrian infantry set which will soon become British and French. The other is their Dragoon/Hussars so obviously more French Hussars and some English and French dragoons.
With the new books on the French army, I shall have Hussars, dragoons, and infantry.
I can flesh out my Quebec and Louisbourg garrisons, and flesh out the British by trimming the Prussians tricorns.

Monday, 16 April 2018

A crack at building Vauban fortifications.

I recently bought a building block set of styrafost bricks. The idea is to cut and shape them into what you want to build.
My project shall be to try and build the Dauphin bastion and gate of Louisbourg. I have a table big enough to achieve this.
The first thing I need to do is to figure out the footprint of the bastion and gate. As well, I shall have to see what parts I have to build the Dauphin Gate.
The business end

birds eye view

need to build some ramps

seem to fit.

18th century rebasing

After the last game, I noted how many of my figures needed to be repaired and rebase. No shame seeing as many of them have traveled between Nova Scotia and Asia about four times.
I started on my Brunswick troops. (Pictures will follow)
Next up were my SYW French for my Louisbourg garrison, and my Quebec French regiments. (Pictures to follow)
Next up will be my American Militia and Contentials.
Previously, I had mounted my units on popsicle sticks which really doesn't leave space for noting which unit is which.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Osprey publishing The Swamp Fox Francis Marion's campaign

My regimental history of the 2nd Battalion 84th Regiment Royal Highland Emigrants
Sent their Grenadier and Light Infantry companies to fight in the campaign. I shall see what they did.

Louis XV army full Osprey publishing series

I finally have a full edition of the series. Thus I can check my collection as to what I have and can field.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

French attack on Harburg Castle December, 1757

A French army has assembled in Hanover. At the town Harburg, the French are to invest the town and capture the castle for their winter quarters.
And with actual winter too cold for gaming in the garage, this may have to wait a month or so until the temperature is closer to 0c.
I have also been taking stock of my 18th century figures, having been in storage. I need to do some small repairs, but otherwise, ready to go.
First warm day of  2018, 2/15 allowed for some manovering but still not shots taken or fired.
 the castle area by moonlight. 

Prussian allies begin to deploy

the French begin to deploy
More shots will be taken when the sun is up.
Using the Gentlemen of France Fire First rules, the French force begins to hit the Prussian lines

the first redoubt falls after artillery fire clears out the defenders. 
This area of the battlefield proved to be the lynchpin of the entire Brunswick/Hanoverian line. The French cavalry proceeded to roll up the entire line. The French are set to over take the camp. 
Due to the cold weather, it took me four months to play this game.
The French horse and Wild Geese flank the line.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Pirate action, somewhere in the Carribean 1700

Ian and I wanted to do a Black Powder game. However, the garage is a bit too cold. One of the future house projects is to either get the wood stove in it certified, the electrical system hooked up again or some other heat source. 
These figures were from his toy sets he got when we first came to Canada on a visit back in 2013. Little did we know that two years later we would move back.
The pirates on their ship were trying to capture supplies from the pirates on the beach. Luckily for the beach pirates, the ship guns fired poorly

Monday, 18 December 2017

War of 1812 forces

While I have a British and Canadian force, I'd like to try and build an American force. I have backwoods types, but I'd like to have American regulars plus some voltigers for the Canadians. Stay tuned.
I've been able to start on an American force. This will be a militia based force.
Now to start painting them
So far I have started to paint up the figures which can be used for 18th century gaming.
As of 15 January, 2018, I have painted up about 3 companies. Two are able to be used for late 18th century as well.
The force has been built using HaT Spanish gurilleas, and Strelets American Militia in cold weather gear 1812.
Once the weather permits gaming in my garage again, battles will commence