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Saturday, 21 January 2017

King George's War: French attack on Gorehams Rangers camp 1748

I'm not sure if I've played this battle before but one of my co-workers wants to get together and try some gamming.

This seems like a good start.

The game will be French troops from Quebec, and Acadia, with Mik Maq support,

The Crown forces will be made of several companies of Rangers.

The ranger base camp. 

 Le Compaigne Franche de La Marine form the right flank of the French,

Canadien Milice advances to support the French right.

A ranger company awaits the attack

Compaigne Frances in forest kit

 in garrison kit

MikMaq on the French left

Rangers deploy to their defences

the MikMaq maul the rangers on the right,

Alex catches on fast after loosing a milice group. He quickly advances his units to pour fire into the camp. Not even the camp followers survived. Total loss to the British. 

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Merry Christmas 2016

Our humble tree with a few more presents than last year

and our stockings hung with some little treats

Friday, 16 December 2016

Pre Christmas fun

Ian tries building an igloo

I'm keeping warm

Mindy likes my parkha

Scrapping off the car before going out.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Ideas for the new year

My 18th century gamming has dropped off for a bit. This hasn't been by choice, but rather, not much free time.
Any gamming I have gotten into has been on my other eras.
However, I will take a look at my minatures, and some of my historical books to come up with some new campaigns.
My Saratoga campaign is still one I want to finish up. Though this will be after Christmas.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Saratoga Campaign 1777: Battle of Freeman's Farm

American army begins advance on the British Army, far left

centre position of both armies

American right

New Hampshire Regiment

The British Army advances

Pickets of the 21st mixed in with Loyalists

Canadian Militia, RAFM figures

New York Regiments

The Battle begins

The Americans decided to try and smash the Crown forces in one battle. The American right advanced quickly to block the crossroads while the American left attempted to flank the Crown right. The American centre then advanced straight at the British and Loyalist troops in the centre.
The Canadien milice were initally scattered, but recovered and with Loyalist support, used their old tactics to smash apart the American lines. The Brunswick troops pushed down on the American left and were able to surround General Arnold! 
Despite their best efforts, Morgan's Rifles were unable to push back the Loyalist Rangers, or Canadien milice. The Mohawks, gave a half hearted attack due to the fact they still were low on supplies from their attack at Fort Stanwix and Oriskany. 

The Battle ended with the Crown sweeping around the American left flanking the entire Patriot line. Seeing that they would be unable to push ahead, the Americans withdrew, but not before smashing the British regulars.
So a historical replay, not by plan, I was actually trying to see if the Americans could win.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Finally after 6 weeks I might be back on rotation

I've been extremely busy with work. I was covering the other officers position.
As well, life throws its usual amount of difficulties, which make hobbys the last of life's priorities.
I do hope to get back on track with my Saratoga Campaign.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

40,000 views who knew?

I'm pleasantly surprised that my blog has this many views.
I set out to have my blog as a way to share my hobby, and I've expanded to having 6 at last count.
Thank you to those who have taken a look.
Keep coming back

Summer time Fung Shuie or how my stuff was moved while I was sleeping

While I was sleeping, my family reorganized the living room, however, they haphazardly put things from my table where they could find space. Now it does look good, I can't find my kit and I can't get upset as it will cause a problem, but as my wife said, part of the fun would be to find it again. However I had just begun building a Comet tank and now can't find the parts. Sigh

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Dutch Film Michiel de Ruyther

I found this on Netflix, and the English title is The Admiral. It is set during the Anglo-Dutch Wars of the 17th century. I might find some interesting bits for skirmishing in this.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Saratoga Campaign: Battle of Bennington 1777

Burgoyne has sent his Brunswick troops towards New Hampshire to forage and disruption of the Patriots.

The battle began with the Brunswickers taking positions on the field. The main last stand was upon the hill, the baggage at the bottom covered by a gun, another position covered by another gun on a slight rise, two houses held by Canadian militia, and an earthwork held by Jessup's Corps. Amerindians held a small position on the Brunswicker's left flank.
The Americans under Stark begin their attack.

The first obstacle is to cross the bridge which proves to be difficult. Eventually, the Americans ignore the fire coming from the small hill to the left and sending their rangers to take out both houses, and a militia brigade to skirt to the right of the lower right cabin begin to flank the Loyalists position.

The Mohawks attempt to drive back the American Assault but are in turn shot down in droves. they break and run.

The Loyalists in the centre hold their ground until the main American line flanks them on the left. 

The Brunswick Grenadiers holding the baggage park, see the line beginning to crumble and prepare to fall back.

The position on the hill soon becomes untenable and they flee.

The Queens Rangers also fail their moral and fall back.

The Americans under Stark, advanced straight on, taking the bridge head on, which meant all the defenders fire concentrated on that position. Consequently, an entire militia brigade was destroyed.
The next attempt was for the Americans to try and assault the houses, which cost them time and casualties, but they persevered.

After clearing the first position, the Americans then had to contend with the Loyalists and main Brunswick position.

The Americans win their first victory in the campaign.