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Monday, 6 August 2018

Battle of Brandywine, 1777

My take on the Philidelphia campaign of 1777.

Fort Anne encampment, 2018

I had such a good time with my family that I forgot to add pictures! My new sailor kit came in handy as an American privateer
My wife got pictures so I shall have to wait for her to sort them out

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Loyalist Arms Brown Bess Musketoon, 1728 model

My wife allowed me to buy a musket both for reenacting, and hunting, but also as a bit of home defense (use of bayonet on bears if they ever try to come in)
The "musketoon" is a 42-46" Brown Bess cut down to 32" with a bayonet lug and no nose cap.
The rammer is wooden. It is designed to be a musket to be used either by rangers, Light infantry, sailors, common people/militia.
I wanted to get something shorter which my wife and son could use.
This is the first musket I have owned. The previous one I used was owned by my father.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

East Hants the story of us

My father, Captain Robert Redden,and I and our friend, Peter Ashley were part of an event to celebrate the launch of a movie made on the history of East Hants,
We pipes and drummed in our uniforms of the 2nd Battalion, 84th Royal Highland Emigrants.
Once I get some pictures I shall post them.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Gearing up for event at Fort Anne.

I must say I am very blessed. My wife was asking what I had in the freezer recently and I said my father had given us some deer meat. She asked where we can buy and I said you can't buy but must hint. So she said why don't you buy a musket for hunting. I asked if I could get two and she said yes. So I have put down funds for a misketoon, a cut down long land brownbess and I will be getting a long land pattern once I pay off the first.
I also got a 1742 pattern infantry sword for my son or I to use. So I can now portray a sailor, a militiamen, ranger and highlander.
Pictures to follow
 the bottom musket is what I have decided to buy, photo courtesy of Loyalist Arms

my new sailor/privateer clothing
my daughter in her new clothes

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

More Highlanders and rangers

I have just made an order from Redbox for additional units of Highlanders and Ranger/Militia types. So my 18th century Jacobites, Crown forces and various Ranger, militia types can be filled out.
Update 7/6/2018:
Package arrived, painting shall commence once I have a rain day on my days off
I've begun to cut the figures off their sprues. I should have enough figures to field at least 4 Highland Regiments
4 Ranger companies
4 Jacobite battalions
2 English provincial regiments, one the 71st Regiment.
I'm consulting my Osprey publications to paint these up. I will be unable to mount then for some time,
I've painted up my bonnet and breeches types as Lowland infantry and or rangers. My Highlanders I will paint up as Campbells, Sutherlands while the others will be Jacobites. Pictures will shortly follow
Highland regiments
42nd, 77th, 64th, 84th, 74, 71st.

1812 American invasion of Lower Canada

My first scenario of 1812 battles will be one of an American force trying to push through a Canadian force.
My American force is made up of a mix of militia types and some French regulars who for lack of anything else shall be the Americans.

My Canadian/British force is made up of a mix of SYW Canadian Milice, British regulars and First Nations warriors.

Further units will arrive later this summer as I've just placed an order for additional units of cavalry, and infantry.
the initial British-Canadian position

the American forces were able to push back the British troops to their front and beat off a flanking attack.

Monday, 23 April 2018

French Garrison of Quebec 1755-59

Finally since 1989. I have been able to build, paint, mount and field the Metropolitan French Regiments which were sent to New France.
La Reina, Two battalions of Berry, Landuc, Gueyenne, La Sarre, Royal Roussillon,
Other information to follow

Friday, 20 April 2018

Revell Germany 18th century Seven Years War reinforcement

I returned my security officers uniforms today, and stopped at the hobby shop I go to. I picked up the new double sets they have. One is the Prussian/Austrian infantry set which will soon become British and French. The other is their Dragoon/Hussars so obviously more French Hussars and some English and French dragoons.
With the new books on the French army, I shall have Hussars, dragoons, and infantry.
I can flesh out my Quebec and Louisbourg garrisons, and flesh out the British by trimming the Prussians tricorns.