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Sunday, 7 October 2018

Fontenoy 1745

So my next mid 18th century battle will be Fontenoy.
The main reason for doing this battle is the fact that the Wild Geese had such a main role as did the Black Watch.
My French metropolitan army is gaining strength as is the British, Prussian and Hanoverian.
Mostly, it's filling out the Cavalry and the infantry.
So over my restaurant shutdown, I will see what I can do.

American Continental Units 1779

One of my other purchases recently was two boxes of Italeri American Continental Units. My goal is to paint up some more American units for the main campaign for the later part of the Revolution.
My British units could also use some extra but as a large amount of Highlanders and Light infantry were bought, the Americans need some recruitment and training.

So far with the two boxes of infantry I bought, I was able to make five infantry regiments.
One regiment I have painted in blue coats to be faced buff with white waistcoats and breeches.
The other regimental coats I will paint as blue faced red. The majority of the units I shall paint up for the Virginia Line.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Fort George, 1813, America attacks

the moose looks on 

Mohawk warriors being to advance on the Americans

a lone French looking American scouts out the small river
The American attack was successful in so far as driving the British and Canadians back into the fort, thus ensuring that they controlled the countryside. The Mohawks while brave were cut down. The British troops took casualties and Canadian militia were able to hold back the Americans from pushing into the fort. The fort was saved, but would need to be besiged in order for the British to be driven from the area.

Friday, 14 September 2018

1812 project in progress

Caldwell's Rangers were a light infantry unit with cut down shakos. Their alternative name was the Western Rangers.

The Leeds Rifle Company were actually a militia company, and the Upper Canadian Militia were uniformed in green due to a shortage of red cloth.

The Canadian Fencibles I have modeled in fatigue caps just for the fact that I had no other figures and also in the ram charge position, you can't see that they are actually rifles.

The 49th Regiment are one of the few Regular British Regiments in Canada at the time.

The 8th Regiment had lots of long service in Canada.

The Glengarry Light Infantry are one of the most famous Canadian units in the history of the War of 1812. 

American 10th US Infantry

US 6th Infantry

US 28th Infantry

US 11th Infantry

Various American militia units.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

War of 1812 104th Regiment (New Brunswick)

I am recreating this unit for my crown forces as they are a Maritime Canadian Regiment.
They had red coats faced light buff. As I still have lots of buff paint, easy enough to knock out. Eight figures with a command stand.
The 104th recruited in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. They made a trek through New Brunswick to Quebec in the winter of 1813 and took part in many campaigns there.
Originally raised as a fencible regiment, they elected to be placed on the British establishment.

Monday, 10 September 2018

War of 1812 American 16th Infantry

The first American unit I have started on is the US 16th Infantry. This regiment wore black coats faced red.
While I have previously painted up American militia, these units are those who make up the regular army.

War of 1812 10th Royal Veteran's Battalion

The 10th Royal Veteran's Battalion was a battalion made up of veterans of the British forces for service in the colonies. This unit gave the colonial authorities of British North America a seasoned core of troops who could help instill a sense of pride in defense of King and country.
As a Royal unit, the battalion wore red coats faced blue.
This is the first Crown forces unit I will be working on.
The figures modeled will be eight figures at shoulder arms position, with a command stand.
Once all painted up, I shall post.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Siege of Louisbourg 1758. British assault on the Dauphin Bastion

This coming Saturday, I'm going to have a battle day with one of my reenactment mates. He wants to be the British, Ian wants to be the colonial commander so I will be the French defender.
Pictures will follow

Hamilton deploys his troops to begin assault.

The French positions. My strategy was to see how the British would conduct their attack.

The main British assault came in this area. For some reason, Alistar kept his Rangers in reserve for most of the game and used his Highlanders to do the brunt of the attack.

Once he had taken out most of the French artillery save the lone gun, he began his assault on the King's bastion.

However, my attack went better than planned. The Cannonier-Bombardier took out the Royal Artillery while the 
French regular regiments used the bayonet to clear the area with support from the sailors of the French navy. The MikMaq gave support to Le Compaigne Frances de La Marine. All in all, Wolfe's attack failed, Louisbourg continued to live! Vive La France!

Monday, 6 August 2018

Battle of Brandywine, 1777

My take on the Philidelphia campaign of 1777.
the centre of the American line being assaulted by the Crown forces

Americans push against the Hessians on the crown right.

Various American skirmishers supported by some Light Dragoons

The British composite Grenadier and Light Infantry battalions about to hit the American right.

and the British Left wing begins to hit the rebels

Crown lights and dragoons push through the woods
The American's eventually crumbled under the intense pressure on all their flanks.
The deluded subjects were forced to flee.
God Save the King!

Fort Anne encampment, 2018

I had such a good time with my family that I forgot to add pictures! My new sailor kit came in handy as an American privateer
My wife got pictures so I shall have to wait for her to sort them out
Drummer Ian in his small clothes and mistress Leena in her young ladies clothing.
I havent yet been able to upload further pictures

a shot of Private DeLorey back in 1986 with my little sister.

Leena in the courtyard of Port Royal habitation, 
the children of the regiment playing outside the fort's prison

sliding down the ramparts, hence why I bought Ian a pair of brown breeches

all of the King's men

in the officer's lines

once again scrambling up the ramparts