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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Dutch Film Michiel de Ruyther

I found this on Netflix, and the English title is The Admiral. It is set during the Anglo-Dutch Wars of the 17th century. I might find some interesting bits for skirmishing in this.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Saratoga Campaign: Battle of Bennington 1777

Burgoyne has sent his Brunswick troops towards New Hampshire to forage and disruption of the Patriots.

The battle began with the Brunswickers taking positions on the field. The main last stand was upon the hill, the baggage at the bottom covered by a gun, another position covered by another gun on a slight rise, two houses held by Canadian militia, and an earthwork held by Jessup's Corps. Amerindians held a small position on the Brunswicker's left flank.
The Americans under Stark begin their attack.

The first obstacle is to cross the bridge which proves to be difficult. Eventually, the Americans ignore the fire coming from the small hill to the left and sending their rangers to take out both houses, and a militia brigade to skirt to the right of the lower right cabin begin to flank the Loyalists position.

The Mohawks attempt to drive back the American Assault but are in turn shot down in droves. they break and run.

The Loyalists in the centre hold their ground until the main American line flanks them on the left. 

The Brunswick Grenadiers holding the baggage park, see the line beginning to crumble and prepare to fall back.

The position on the hill soon becomes untenable and they flee.

The Queens Rangers also fail their moral and fall back.

The Americans under Stark, advanced straight on, taking the bridge head on, which meant all the defenders fire concentrated on that position. Consequently, an entire militia brigade was destroyed.
The next attempt was for the Americans to try and assault the houses, which cost them time and casualties, but they persevered.

After clearing the first position, the Americans then had to contend with the Loyalists and main Brunswick position.

The Americans win their first victory in the campaign.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Saratoga Campaign: The Siege of Fort Stanwix

The next action for the campaign, the attack on Fort Stanwix
The Americans hold their fort with Militia, Rangers and a few regulars

A battalion of the King's Royal Regiment of New York begin to deploy

RA batteries begin to lay their guns to bombard the fort.

Amerindians allied to the British prepare to take vengence against the Yankees who are stealing their hunting grounds

Their yells and cries add to the Americans panic.
The Loyalists began to fire on the fort, driving in the Americans to shelter from their fire. Eventually, an all out assault occured which drove the Americans in half the fort to surrender.
With the rest of the fort holding what was left of the American command, it would take some time to pry them out, perhaps hot shot from the Royal Artillery?

With a furious amount of musketry and a final bombardment, the American garrison surrenders. The British continue their steamroll advance to crush the rebellion of their deluded colonists.