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Monday, 25 May 2015

Another weekend at Across Mall

Emi was getting a beauty treatment yesterday, which she thought would only take an hour, which actually took 3!
It's another thumbs up day out with Daddy, and he knows where to get good grub.
Ian and Leena tuck into a bowl of Pork bone broth ramen noodles
My Chinese set I ordered: Fried rice, Gyoza pan fried dumplings, fried chicken with egg drop soup.
Leena wanted to give a beaver teeth type smile

My kids hamming it up, while I seem to have the image of a pro wrestler

Only in Japan, can you walk with an open can of beer (in this case a non-alcoholic one) in public. Posing with some of the camping kit at my favorite store.

Cuba 1762

Spanish militia form up to push back the Pagan English
More Spanish militia
A Spanish Royal Artillery gun begins to fire on the British
The 1st Foot, The Royal Scots, no strangers to hard terrain, or fighting crashes through the jungle to close in on the Spanish.
A Royal Artillery gun, a British Light Infantry battalion with additional British troops
Another Spanish Royal Artillery gun in an emplacement begins to give infilading fire.
The main Spanish line holds it ground while a Don officer regally holds his ground
The Light Infantry battalion charge the artillery in flank, while more hit the front of the Spanish line. Even with the Havana Dragoons closing in, it was too much for the raw Spanish militia.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Another May, another sports day

The cynacism is just dripping.  A day full of over hyper kids grumpy parents and jostling for a shot of your child that looks like everyone else. At least I can find my kids as they are white

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Twelth Wedding Anniversary

Emi and I enjoying a scone and beverages at a Starbucks in Kamagaya
Home made cheeseburgers on bagels

Ian asked if I could make these which I did using 500g of ground beef. Problem was, the meatloaf seasoning I had was from my trip back to Nova Scotia two years ago and it had hardened. Thus some burgers were rather on the salty side. But still a fun anniversary on a Sunday. It was actually on Monday, but we celebrated a day early. 

Chiba zoo

I don't like zoos but when you work in a kindergarten, you do field trips
some deer

some more deer

a Bison

Lesser Pandas who basically were doing what I'd be doing on a hot sunny day, sleeping it off.

These guys have it right.

I don't want to look at you says the gorilla, but this is my good side.

A pack of Kangaroos with a Joey


An Asian elephant

My lunch, tortilla chips with mexican chili.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Happy Birthday Ian

He is ten today. This shot was taken when he was thirty minutes old.

His birthday cake
I have some other pictures of his birthday still on my phone so I will have to upload them.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Battle of Bergen April 1759

I finally got a black powder game going again. This action is a small scale version of an allied attack on a French battery outside the main action of Bergen