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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Found some pictures I forgot I had.

Back during Christmas, 2008, my Mum and her husband, Carl visited us for Christmas and New Years.
I had forgotten I had these. It's like I can say Hello to my mum again.

 This was taken  at Narita International before both got on their flight home to Canada. This was the last time I ever saw my mum.  

Friday, 26 September 2014

2014 DPM uniform updates

It's taken me some time but I have been able to get a pair of trousers, combat shirt, t-shirt and new Bush Hat in DPM.

The first item I was able to get were my trousers. I ordered these with my DPM NBC suit back in the summer of 2011, in order to protect myself from potential radiation during the rainy season, due to the unpleasant affects of the 3/11 2011 Tohoku Earthquake.

I was also able to get a DPM t-shirt, then

eventually this year I was able to get a Soldier 95 DPM Combat shirt. I was also able to get rank slip ons for my band rank, and my status as a civilian instructor with students here in Japan.

Recently, I was able to visit the Nakata Shoten surplus shop in Ueno, Tokyo. I was able to get a DPM bush hat in a digital pattern. I will see if I can get the regular one when I'm next able to visit that part of the city.

 Desert DPM combat shirt, and a DPM Combat shirt, with a digital printed DPM bush hat and DPM covered knee pads, for when I cycle.

 The DPM combat shirt with Drum Major rank, which I held as a appointment in the 2nd Battalion, 84th Regiment, Royal Highland Emigrants.

 Desert DPM with Union Jack and rank. I bought his at Nakata Shoden, a surplus store in Ueno, Ameyocho 

 My knee pads and bush hat. I've had to stop cycling for a while for two reasons. First, it's typhoon season, and my spokes and rear tire are out of order again!
I may have to wait until spring to cycle again, or wait until I get paid next month and repair it.

I then found another surplus shop in Akihabara, and got two British DPM bush hats, one in desert pattern, the other in green. My son didn't like the digital pattern one, so that will no doubt find its way to my dad. Pictures to follow

British troops of the Seven Years War/French and Indian War: 44th Regiment

Photos courtsey of 44th Regiment reenactment group. New France Old England
The 44th were one of the first British regiments sent to Virginia as part of Braddock's campaign in 1755. As such they suffered as part of the Battle of Monogahela.
More historical information to follow once I have a chance to do so when not cluttered with family affairs.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Today has bit the big one!

First, it was windy and rainy, which makes cycling to work more difficult. Then, the spokes on my rear tire started to pop. Then the tire went flat. And then the real doozy, I got a text message that my Dad was rushed to hospital after suffering a series of mini strokes!


Luckily for him, he was at a doctors office when they diagnosed him, so he's now in hospital getting tests.
Oh, how I want to go home now.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

French advance on Annapolis Royal 1757

Today, Ian and I decided to play an 18th century game. This one, I'm basing on a potential French offensive in 1757 in Nova Scotia.

The commander of Fort Anne sends out three regiments, the 43rd, 45th and a levy of New England troops on reports that a French army is advancing down through Nova Scotia/Acadia to divide the colony in two, isolating Halifax.

The French, from Louisbourg send elements of the Bourgogne and Artois Regiments as well as a battery of 6 guns on new field carriages. 
The French advanced their guns to fire on the assembled British ranks. The MikMaq warriors advanced and fired on Gorehams rangers. Their fire was well and true, which meant the rangers were taken down.
The French regiments advanced to smash the British line. The British gave a good account of themselves by reducing the French line to one battalion, while the British grenadiers charged the French guns. Two of them were taken out before the Cannonier-Bombardier could blast them apart. The remaining colonial units charged and took out another gun. Reduced to two guns, the French fired back taking them out. The remaining British fell back towards Annapolis Royal, the French won this round, but lost over half their artillery. 

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Friday, 12 September 2014

Take me to your leader earthling

 A little story to this. In the morning, while I was cycling to work, I had noticed said Praying Mantis on my handlebars, but since I was still half asleep, I forgot it was still there. When I had to stop at a rail crossing, Mantis began to crawl up my arm, but since I was wearing my Soldier 95 DPM combat shirt, he felt at home. I flicked him off, close to some tracks. As the train went by, the rumbling ground made little fellow run like heck.
When I took my son to Karate class, this fellow climbed up on the windshield of my car. With the evening lighting, this took on an alien texture, hence the title to my posting.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

more creepy crawlies

 I don't know why, but when I go to pick up my kids from school, I always find some strange critter. This time, it's a little lizard on the left, he's blending himself the color of the dog dung!

Monday, 8 September 2014

cosy spot for breakfast, in Kasairinkaikoen

I stopped for my breakfast at this hut in the park while trying to get out of the drizzle. There was another man who also took shelter, but in typical Japanese style, ignored me rather than be polite and say hello, 

 my breakfast consisted of an orange-cranberry bagel with bulgogi jerky and a good cup of red rose tea.

Atypical traffic jam in Chiba

This is route 357 which follows Tokyo Bay and is popular as it usually isn't crowded however when fuel trucks bump each other at a fuel depot, this is the result
 3km from accident site.
5km from accident site. As you can see, I have a good cycling path to follow, though I do have to cross about 5 rivers. My legs are really telling me as I hadn't cycled much in August. 

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Tokyo waterfront from Kasairinkaikoen

Looking out at Tokyo bay from the banks of the Arakawa.

Looking towards the Tokyo gate bridge.

Looking back at the JR Keiyo-Musashino bridge. Koto-ku (ward) is on the opposite bank. 

Battle of Long Island, August 27, 1776: The American Right Flank

 The Pennsylvannia and New York militia make up the first line of the Americans, while 3 Continental regiments await the British attack.
 Two Hessian regiments and the Brigade of Guards hide in the woods to pounce on the Americans. The 71st are also on the right.

 The 17th, 40th,42nd 46th, 64th Regiments.
The British begin to advance.

 The Guards engage the Americans. 

The Americans push back the Guards and form into line.
A 44th officer gives the order to fire!

A gun of the 4th Battalion RA gives covering fire.

The Hessians and Highlanders begin the move through the woods to hit the American flank.

 The British begin to form line to pour musketry into the American line.

The 40th prepare to march on the militia. 

The British and American lines begin to trade volleys.

The 17th and 64th wait to join the line.

The reserve consist of the Loyalists and 42nd Highlanders, The Black Watch! 

The Highlanders finally hit the American flank while the Hessians begin to fire into the American line.
This battle finished with only two American battalions retreating. Washington was nearly captured by the 71st but managed to use his pistols to keep them back.

The next battle, I will refight the American centre and left flank.

Monday, 1 September 2014

84th Regiment of Foot Encampment at Fort Edward

 This is my reenactment regiment. Thanks to the West Hants Historical Society for producing this video.

Fort Edward- Nova Scotia

 Thanks to the author of this video. The regiment I was a part of as a reenactor had its headquarters at Ft. Edward. I've also visited this place many times as it was only about an hour from where I grew up.
 Fort Edward Blockhouse, one of the few original blockhouses left in existence. 

Cooking with hexy burner

 I took this video back on our camping trip this summer.