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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Thank God for my wife and children who will help me live

She is the one who will help me to know that life will be OK.
My son and daughter also make sure that Im still loved.
I poured out my grief at my mums funeral bu  must remember her by loving my family.
 My little girl having some ice-cream while I was in Canada

 A nice picture of my mum taken by her friend when they went to Cuba in 2006.
My children posing for the camera after their dance recital
 I put this picture up back in the summer but it's a nice one of my wife and I. She is really doing a great job comforting me.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Still hasn't hit me yet that my Mum is gone

 My mother on her wedding day, May 19, 2007. Her ashes are internned in this lovely box.
This has been one of the toughest weeks of my life. I went from just having an ordinary Monday in Japan to being thrust into dealing with the loss of my mother in a car accident.

I stayed with my sister's family in Calgary, Alberta. I met many people, and many more the day of her funeral.

I have yet to have a full emotional outburst. I have also yet to have a full nights sleep. I'm only getting two hours.

I have a feeling of being constantly confused. I might have a few moments of tears, but it's like my brain had coldly accepted that my mother is no more.

I'll never see her again, yet I'm waiting for her to show up.

I miss my wife and children terribly. I feel like a lost little boy who needs someone to give me a hug and to tell me it will be ok.

Because right now, I just feel confused.

Monday, 21 April 2014

I get to go back to Canada, but not for a reason I wanted

My mother, Bernice Rutley was killed in a car accident in Northern Alberta. She was 63. I am in the process of getting a flight back to Canada from Japan.

To those of you with family, say hello or express your love to them. To those of you who have lost a loved one, the loneliness it causes is beyond expression.

Lobscouse - 18th century Cooking series with Jas Townsend and Son S3E17

 Another video talking about foods which soldiers or civilians could have eaten either on campaign, or at public houses.

Salted Fish Cakes: 18th Century Cooking Series at Jas Townsend and Son

 Another video by jastownsendandson As is mentioned, New England was the main supplier, but it was coming from the Grand Banks off the Atlantic coast of Canada. Cod was one of the reasons for warfare in the Atlantic region. If you controlled the cod fishery, there was alot of money to be made. As well, if English fisherfolk were sailing, you had trained ship crews for the navy!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

"A Pound of Meat" 18th Century Cooking Series

 Thanks to Jas Townsend and sons for this video. This is one of the main reenactor suppliers which my family uses when getting new kit for our 18th century reenactments.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan

My new work area of Tokyo seems pretty. One of the gems which I passed when a teacher in Chuo-ku four years ago was Kasai Seaside Park. My new teaching area of Edogawa is in this neighborhood.
Looking up the hill from the beach back into the park. The best part about this park is it's FREE! If you want to go look at the sealife park in the park and pay around 1000yen, go ahead. This park is one of the biggest green areas in this part of the city.

Looking towards Haneda Airport across Tokyo Bay. This park covers a stretch of coastline about 4km long. It's a mix of beach, grass area and trees.

The hotels at  Tokyo Disney Resort across the river in Urayasu, Chiba prefecture,

Looking towards Tokyo Disney Resort from the beach at Kasai Seaside Park.

Looking from one of the bridges on the bicycle path which goes through the Kasai region of Edogawa.

Looking towards the ferris wheel from the station platform

Looking into Kasai Seaside Park from Kasairinkaikoen Station, JR Keiyo/Musashino line

Monday, 14 April 2014

Terror in the Woods - Who is in Pursuit of Josh?

 Some of the military and civilian clothing this company sells. My family who does reenacting back in Canada has used this kit.

Privations of 18th Century Soldiers - Jas Townsend and Son Cooking Series

 Thanks to James Townsend and Sons for making these videos. The British were not as bad off, but could also face these conditions when supplies run short.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Hevia - Busindre Reel video oficial HQ

 I have always liked this song, but it holds a special place in my heart as the day my son was born, the nursing staff had a CD entitled The Most Relaxing Feel, and this tune was one of them playing. When it began, he really did start to want to come out. Copyright held by Hevia

John Tams - Over the hills and far away (feat . Sean Bean)

 A song which has had various versions. This one is at the tail end of the era I wargame and reenact. Copyright of song and video are held by John Tams, and Granada TV

"Queen of Argyle" - Sons Of Maxwell

 Not necessairly an authentic 18th century song, but the video is great. Filmed in Nova Scotia, by the group Sons of Maxwell. Song originally by Silly Wizard.

Cherry blossoms 2014 edition

This is another view of the cheery blossoms

 otherwise known as Sakura. These bloom anytime from the last week of March through to the first week of April. It all depends on

Spring is here, but it does snow here

This winter we had two snowstorms. These were the shots I took.

Back on track

Finally figured out my tech glitch,  I needed to get a new smartphone. I hope to be able to get back to posting vides and pictures soon
and there we go 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Monday, 7 April 2014

Battle of Lexington

 This clip is from the TV movie April Morning. I did some reenactments with the British 10th Regiment of Foot out of Boston. The drummers taught me the cadence they used in this film. Copyright held by the director and publishers of this film.

Revolution (1985) - trailer

posted by BFITrailers. Good visuals and an interesting story, just how it was done may not have helped it. I believe this is an unappreciated film.

The Last of the Mohicans Battle Scene

 This is from the 1992 film Last of the Mohicans, the battle shown is suppossed to be the massacre following the siege of Fort William Henry. The actual massacre would not have seen the British firing back as they were not permitted by the French to march away with live ammunition. However, this battle scence would show how a British force would have been ambushed by Amerindian warriors in the woods of North America. Copyright held by Morgan Creek pictures.

La Bataille de Fontenoy (the Battle of Fontenoy)

 One of the main French victories of the War of Austrian Succession, known as King George's War in North America. Thanks to darsh9999 for posting this.

Barry Lyndon

 A British regiment advances against a French regiment. Original movie by Stanley Kubrick. Copyright held by Warner Brother pictures.

Battle Stations - H.M.S. Victory

 The 18th century ship of the line, the most powerful weapon any nation could put to sea. Thanks to Lord Lucan for uploading this.

Period Piece movies: Master and Commander

This is one of my favorite Russell Crowe films, Directed by Peter Weir, based on the works of Patrick O'Brien. Set in the later part of my historical era, of 1805, it shows how naval warfare in the Age of Sail must have been. It also shows how national navies also fought against privateering.

Period Piece movies: Rob Roy (1995)

This film about Scottish Highlander Rob Roy McGreggor, directed by Michal Caton-Jones, shows Scotland in the early 18th century. Set in the aftermath of the Union of England and Scotland, it also skirts around the Jacobite rebellions of 1715, and yet, set in 1718, it shows how Jacobite Highlanders could fight in their own country, but were being ground down by changes in society,  and economy.

Period piece movies: Revolution

This film by Hugh Hudson was an attempt to show a bit of a balanced view of the American Revolution. Produced in 1985, it did it's best to produce an accurate portrayal of this conflict, but due to some situations, did not do so well.
Retrospectively, it did try to make a good film, but failed to make an impact with audiences.

Period piece movies: Barry Lyndon

This film another by Stanley Kubrick, while not about a specifically historical personality, does show how mid 18th century society operated at the middle class, then upper class levels.
Major themes in this film show the Anglo-Irish establishment, the role the Seven Years War played in Ireland, and Britain, as well as central Europe.

Period Piece movies: Gladiator

Ridley Scott's film on the Roman Empire's Gladiators is an epic film in the swords and sandles genere. I really got a great deal on this at a used shop. Originally it retailed for 3980 yen but I picked it up for 500yen.

Period movies: FULL METAL JACKET

By far, one of the more intersting Vietnam War films. Stanley Kubrick produced and directed this film, focusing on how the United States Marine Corps go through basic training.
I picked up a DVD copy at a used shop for only 750 yen.

Osprey Publishing - King George’s Army 1740 - 93 (3)

Osprey Publishing - King George’s Army 1740 - 93 (3)

This volume covers the senior regiments, the Horse and Royal Artillery.

Osprey Publishing - King George's Army 1740–93 (2)

Osprey Publishing - King George's Army 1740–93 (2)

This volume covers more infantry, militia, and marines.

Osprey Publishing - King George's Army 1740–93 (1)

Osprey Publishing - King George's Army 1740–93 (1)

This volume covers the British Army in the three conflicts which I heavily wargame. This is the infantry book.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

My love of hot food, curries, salsas, cutneys, sauces.

I developed a taste for spicy food in my teens. I first discouvered Mexican Tacos from Old El Paso, sold in the supermarkets in Nova Scotia. I then enjoyed Tabassco, however, with my kidneys, I am on a low sodium diet, so I decided to look for other hot sauces.
Blairs is one of them. My favorite of theirs is Sudden Death Sauce with jolokia.
I also discouvered South-East Asian and Indian curries while living in Japan.
My most recent discouvery is Great Heart of Africa Extra Hot Piri-Piri Sauce  which I picked up at ab AEON shop in Funabashi. It hadn't sold, so was on sale.

I also picked up Yeo's Singapore Chilli Sauce for Hainanese Chicken Rice

When it comes to Indian curries, I use either Sharwood's Pataks and Asian Home Gourmet

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Battle of Harlem Heights part two

continuation of this battle with more Live 365 Baroque music.

Battle of Harlem Heights 1776

 Music comes from Live 365 Baroque channel. I have no copyright on the music.

Battle of Quebec 1775

Oops, thought I put this up

Battle of Fort St. Jean, Canada, 1775

Second refight of this battle.

Quebec 1775 part 3

 Part 3. Ian flipped out as I began to fire on the houses.

Quebec 1775 part 2

Part 2 of our game

Fort St. Jean 1775

 A video I did up of one of the 1775 Quebec Campaign.