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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Attack on Fort Redbank or Mercer October 1777

This action was where a Hessian force attacked an American fort held by troops from Rhode Island. It was part of the Philidelphia campaign.
 The Hessian line, made up of Hessians, and artillery support from the Royal Artillery.

Columns of Grenadiers 

Columns of musketeers.

The American artillery

The First and Second Regiments of Rhode Island.

American guns in support.

 More Rhode Islanders rush to the walls.

The first column of Grenadiers is blasted apart by the American artillery.
As the Hessians close in, the American battery fires

 with concentrated musketry

clearing the ground in front of them of any Hessians

A Hessian battalion rallys while their artillery begin to bombard the fort.

American guns are blown apart

Their second line of guns rush up to take positions in the battery.

The Loyalist brigade begins their advance.

The American left was quite until the close of the game where their light gun held back the Hessians, until their Jagers began to snipe at the infantry and gun crews.

Only some officers and one gun hold the line.

A single company on the American right attempt to hold back the tide,

but the Loyalists are able to charge the battery.

And the Hessians rush the battery capturing the final gun, adding another trophy to their list of laurels.
The remains of the American outer defences. The Crown forces blasted these aside, rather then charge straight in like their historical counter parts.
My final black powder game for 2014. Happy New Year.

The wife got the flu so what do we do?

Go out for a STEAK And RIBS. Priginally, we had planned to go to a 4 star hot spring resort in Tochigi prefecture, but my wife got the flu this week, despite having two flu shots. But as she said, she gets the flu every 4 years no matter what. She felt so bad, she gave me money to take the kids out for a fun day. Last night, we had Dominos pizza, today was a trip to Makuhari, Chiba city.
First up, we went to the very large AEON Mall in Makuhari, Chiba city
Then we went to our favorite steak place in Japan, Outback Steakhouse. An American restaurant, with an Australian theme.
First up, their honey whole wheat bread with butter.
 Then I got their Bloomin Onion

To my suprise, Leena wanted the kids steak! Plus colouring
Ian go the kids ribs set.
Another famous Ceasar salad, this is the Japanese version of a side. Unlike Montanas Cookhouse back home, please see my for my Nova Scotian version
 Ian noted he hadn't had such good ribs since September 2013

 Leena actually said she liked my steak better.

I got the Angus Ribeye, with a loaded baked potato.
 And finally, I got the Choclate Thunder From Down Under. 

Friday, 26 December 2014

My Merry Christmas with my family

 These are the pictures my wife took. 

Leena with Elsa

Ian is a happy Panzer general now with his new German units.
I'm a most happy bunny, as I signed a new contract with a new company on Christmas Day. I am now working for a company called Education Planning working in Dream House International Kindergarten. 

Monday, 22 December 2014

Merry Christmas 2014, Our Canadian celebration while in Japan

 Making the potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes.

The turkey breast cooking in the oven

 The little tree we had with our gifts.

Our stockings.

Opening the presents

Setting the tables.

 My gifts from my buddy in Ontario who I had over with her sisters 

 The jacket my wife got me.

 The Turkey breast ready to be carved.

And my Christmas dinner plate.

Since Emi has to work on Christmas Eve, and Christmas day, we hold our Christmas celebration on December 23, which I believe is the Emperor of Japan's birthday.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

seems ok now

bloody touchy gadgets!
 found this picture my wife took of me during our summer camping trip
Ian's hockey smile from a few years back

The kids on one of our camping trips, I believe fall of 2012.

It's that time of year again

Either I need to update my apps, or my phone as I was unable to check out my blog statistics. However I could see the blog.
But posting photos?!
 from my pc
 who said zero pilots can't be cute!