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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Ten years since Hurrican Juan hit Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI

That definetly was a storm of the century. I had to work and afternoon, early evening shift the night it struck. I just managed to get home about an hour before it struck. My wife and I had put our kids to bed and then stayed up all night as one entire wall of our underground apartment was either a window or a door.
The next morning we spent looking around our neighborhood looking at the destruction. Many trees were down, many century old homes with century old windows were knocked out as the wind had used stones or acorns to smash them.
A shot from Point Pleasant Park, forever changed by the storm

Relaxing in the grass

One of the few squirrels still left behind.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Ian's new toys

On our trip back to Atlantic Canada, my son was able to go to Toys R Us twice, once at Dartmouth Crossing, and once at Charlettown Mall. He was able to buy a True Heroes Knight Playset and True Heroes Pirate Playset.

Now my wife doesn't understand the lure of such toys, but for a young boy (and his Dad's) vivid imagination, these sets can provide endless hours of fun and excitement.

He also got from CubicFun a Mayflower 3d Puzzle. As in, this is a 1/100 scale sailing ship which brought some of the first English settlers to Northeastern North America. His older brother helped him build it.

Pirate set, soldier set, knights set.

Monday, 23 September 2013

One must go home to refresh your spirit

I was finally able to take my wife and two younger children and myself back to Atlantic Canada from Sept 13-22, 2013. It was nine years, seven months since I was able to go home. And what a great time we had. I will post a few shots here on this site, but will also blog at length of my trip on my Maritime Union blog.
Ian holding his new to musket and wearing my first uniform coat made for me in 1985!
Outside my Dad's house.
enjoying the spectacular view.
the home we will move to in the future.

downsizing my WW2 collection

I just returned from a visit back to my home in Nova Scotia, Canada. I will subsequently be blogging about my trip on my other blog Maritime Union.

From about 1975, my father and I collected Airfix figures to recreate battles which we were interested in. I have continued the collection with more expansions. I was able to move the majority of my collection to my father's home, these include all of my Napoleonic, WW2 and Cold War units. My collection is still in good condition and I will see about either downsizing it in the future.
I will be posting pictures of my enlarged armies over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Figure sets which I am debating to sell
Click for larger image (plasticsoldierreview) I have several sets of these which I can part with.
Click for larger image(plasticsoldierreview) I have several of these which I could also part with.
Click for larger image(plasticsoldierreview) I no longer wish to hang onto my American units.
Click for larger image(plasticsoldierreview)  I also want to part with this set as well
Click for larger image(plasticsoldierreview) I also have a few too many of these. I have I believe 2 sets which could be up for grabs.
Click for larger imageClick for larger imageClick for larger image and at least 2 sets of these as well. I have enough Esci and Revell WW2 Germans to fill out my units for the Normandy campaign.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Asakusa Samba Carnival 2013

On Saturday, August 31, 2013, my family took part in the Asakusa Samba Carnival. My kids were part of a Matsudo contingent. While they were chaning and advancing up the streets, my wife and I checked out Senso-Ji, a temple which began in 645 and is dedicated to Kannon, the Buddhist goddess of mercy.

My wife, Emi and I outside one of the gates leading to Nakamise Dori, I wore my Che t-shirt in honor of the South American theme on the streets.

This was the first part of the group my kids were in. They were on a float, which can be seen on my youtube channel japanesehighlander as G Friends Dance Club in Asakusa Samba Carnival.

Leena, Ian and Emi enjoying some Kakigori, Snowcones with cola syrup! Mine was Lemon! It was pretty hot, about 34c inside a major city.
I have some other shots of the Carnival, which I will upload after my wife shows me how to with our other camera.