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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

French troops of the Seven Years War/French and Indian War: La Sarre

The 2eme La Sarre was one of the French regiments sent to New France in 1756. This battalion is modeled in both plastic and RAFM metals.French Command Group (1759) (

 La Sarre took part in the sieges of Fort Oswego, William-Henry, Carrillon/Ticonderoga, and then Quebec. Their main claim to fame in that campaign was their fight at Montmorency on 31 July, 1759. By 13 September, on the plains of Abraham, 2 officers and 40 men surrendered! On their return to France in 1760, of the original 31 officers and 515 men, 130 officers and men came back! 
 photos courtsey of La Sarre reenactment group, Quebec, Canada.

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