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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Pirate action, somewhere in the Carribean 1700

Ian and I wanted to do a Black Powder game. However, the garage is a bit too cold. One of the future house projects is to either get the wood stove in it certified, the electrical system hooked up again or some other heat source. 
These figures were from his toy sets he got when we first came to Canada on a visit back in 2013. Little did we know that two years later we would move back.
The pirates on their ship were trying to capture supplies from the pirates on the beach. Luckily for the beach pirates, the ship guns fired poorly

Monday, 18 December 2017

Future project: War of 1812

While I have a British and Canadian force, I'd like to try and build an American force. I have backwoods types, but I'd like to have American regulars plus some voltigers for the Canadians. Stay tuned.
I've been able to start on an American force. This will be a militia based force.
Now to start painting them
So far I have started to paint up the figures which can be used for 18th century gaming.
As of 15 January, 2018, I have painted up about 3 companies. Two are able to be used for late 18th century as well.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

1755 Campaign: Nova Scotia

One of the projects I will try to work on to get back into the 18th century gamming is the Campaign to capture Fort Beausejour.
This will be a work in progress.
cannonier-bombardier training in the fort

Friday, 27 October 2017

Louisbourg garrison Cannionaire-Bombardier 1744-1758

The French artillery at Louisbourg was made up of men from the colonial Cannionaire-Bombardier. These were trained gun crews who could also act as Grenadiers when in an infantry role. The guns in the fortifications of Louisbourg were Naval guns. 

Louisbourg Garrison 1744: Compagnie Frances de La Marine

drum for Le Compaigne Frances de La Marine
Private, sentry duty
private in barracks
The garrison compaigne frances was different from those in New France who did many raids. These were garrison troops. However, the Louisbourg garrison did partake in raids at Annapolis Royal in the 1740s. They were also involved in the attack at Canso in 1744. These raids compounded part of the problems with the garrison. The plunder from Canso was to have been awarded to the troops as well as the officers, but the officers kept more than their share. This was one of the grievances which the garrison had when they muntinied at Christmas, 1744.

Louisbourg garrison 1744: Regiment Karrer

The Regiment Karrer was a Swiss Regiment contracted by the French Ministry of Marine to augment the garrison of Louisbourg. The men of this regiment were German speaking Protestants which kept them a bit apart from the rest of the garrison. They were instrumental in the Christmas munity of 1744.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Battle of Port La Joie 1746 July 11

British 29th Regiment vs Canadiens/Acadians and MikMaq

29th Foot unarmed. Protected by Goreham's Rangers and colonial militia
Small Royal Navy force

This action shall be fought soon, pictures to follow plus some historical information

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada

This was my family's first visit but my 8th!
We came up with our step father. Staying in a nice hotel
Soldat Compagne Frances de La Marine
Historic turkeys
King's Bastion

with a French 24lb gun

outer defenses


where I had been encamped in 1995


the kids fortify themselves in the bastion

store house

Emi checks out the geese

livestock barn

Ian tries on some gear

Compagne Frances de La Marine


King's Chapel

Town side of the King's Bastion

French sail make

40th Regiment drum captured at Canso

Le Compagne Frances drum

Regiment de Karrer

French decleration of War

Guardroom bunks

Town gate from inside, the outside was being renovated for the winter

in the bastion

kids in the sentry box

24lb gun

 harbor facing battery

water gate


looking back toward the main gate

one of the streets

Emi walks by  

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Black powder games to resume with Pike and Shot, Black powder

I'm sifting through my collection after my house move and sorting out my new garage/ game room.
I just need to get a power source as the original one was cut when the septic system was installed!
Failing to get a power source, I shall make due. I'm still sorting out the figures in boxes. But gamming shall commence.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Montcalms 1757 campaign against Oswego

I had ordered the Osprey publishing book back in April prior to my birthday. The book arrived yesterday August 18!
Once life settles down (ha ha) I shall be working on this campaign.
livestock barn, Louisbourg

Fort Anne parade ground

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Updated blog situation

My move back to Nova Scotia has been a bit fluid over the past two years. I'm in the process of buying a new home. Once this gets settled, my hobby may pick up.
As well another August has arrived and my vacation was cancelled yet again. However I may be getting some time off in the fall.
Going to work from my new house, still having to move furniture in

Moving day

Picking up the wife

and a showerhead

supper at IKEA as we dont have a stove yet!

the garage, soon to be filled with history books, and figures (plus two cars when it snows)

slowly moving kit from apartment

all boxed up

my room ready to go

closets empty

Ian unpacking in our new living room

the neighbors

good Job Ian!

where to put stuff?

stove arrived

first supper cooked on stove!

First day of school which is where their Grandmother taught and I went to in 1984-86

our new house, flags are curtains until we unpack them, or they arrive as delivery