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Monday, 23 July 2012

Ian's Karate test

After four months, Ian was the only new student from his Dojo who was given the chance to try out for the next belt. All of the judges, parents, and other high level students felt he did a great job. For video clip please view youtube japanesehighlander Ian's Karate test
He was nervous but gave it his best shot, which meant that he passed.
The next week, he got his belt and certificate.

One proud little fella!

Still alive and kicking

Whoa! I just noticed that it's been nearly a month since I posted something here. Everytime I get the chance to try and put something up, I get distracted with family, work, etc.
I showed my wee lassie how to play bowling. We had to kneel down and then push it down!
This is what Leena wanted for her birthday. It's a Japanese girl hero costume. She enjoys dressing up and dancing like most little girls.
I have tried to upload video clips but have been unable to. My youtube channel of japanesehighlander does have some interesting clips of my activities.
These flyboys (and girls) are part of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force Air units. Just on the edge of Kamagaya, Shiroi, Kashiwa, and Matsudo, is a large airbase. The base had an open house and I was able to take this one shot. When I went to enter, the guards asked me which country I was from, CANADA, so then they called their superiors and since CANADA is part of NATO they felt I was ok.
If I had answered Russian, I wonder what they would have said!