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Monday, 28 December 2015

Plains of Abraham 13 September, 1759, Quebec

This is our Nova Scotia version of the battle.
 The French regular line falls out of the walls of Quebec to try and push the British back.

The British line quietly awaits the French attack.

Amerindians allied with the French attempt to creep up on the rear of the British line
General action has commenced, with the French once again, unable to smash into the British line. The only hope for the French is for the Amerindians to put pressure on the British who could possibly pull back down the cliff. 

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Amherst attacks Fort Chambly 1759

After discovering all of my metal 18th century figures, Ian has gotten back into wanting to do black powder games. This game is a what if game, of Amherst advancing towards Montreal and taking on Fort Chambly
The metal figures are from RAFM Flint and Feather and All the King's Men collections. 

In the action, Amherst was hasty and advanced too quickly towards the French lines. Rather than using his artillery to blast away the French, he used them in a supporting role. Consequently, the French still held the fort, and Amherst was forced to pull back. 

Saturday, 26 December 2015

My RAFM American Colonial troops

 This force is made up of a core group of 2nd Connecucuit Regiment along with some militia and provincial troops. 

My RAFM Rangers 1754-65

I have painted up several companies of Rogers, Gorhams, New Jersey Frontier Guard,

RAFM British Line Regiments

While living in Japan, I was able to build up several regiments in plastic. These battalions/regiments are the ones I did not have painted up.
I have several buff/blue/and yellow faced regiments
Since this photo was taken, I've repainted several of these with yellow facings.
I now have every British Regiment which sent battalions to North America painted.
In future I shall be expanding my Highlanders Grenadiers

My RAFM Light Infantry

Originally, I had planned on building each group of Lights as a group of six figures, however, as with my AWI Lights, I have decided to make them as 2 figures per company
So far, I have painted  white/yellow/buff/green/orange companies. Added to some Highland companies as well.

My RAFM SYW Highlanders

 I began to collect RAFM figures about 1989 while in high school. I am still painting them up. 
Due to circumstances, I am limiting myself to the figures I have now. 
So far I have painted up 42nd Royal Highland Regiment as of 1758 post Ticonderoga.
77th Regiment, will need their green facings added.
78th Fraser's Highlanders will still need some white or buff facings.
Since I took the photo, I have painted the flesh tones in. 

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas from Nova Scotia, CANADA

After many years, I am now celebrating Christmas back home.
We decided on a small Christmas focusing on the important things, family

a bit of good food

blending Japanese and Canadian traditions as well as our own

We got our children some small gifts, we also got a piano to help us with the gift of music.
We hope you could enjoy yours with the ones you hold dear, I was so happy to have been able to have visited my father and my step mum. More pictures to follow.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Pike and Shot action after many months

 Ian decided to set up an ECW themed game whereby a Scottish army invades England, forcing the English player to withdrawl into a castle. He forgot that to storm a castle, one needs to keep your artillery from being taken out by enemy cavalry.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Too busy, moving and car troubles

I moved again, this time I should be in the housing for an extended period.
Just a few more boxes to unpack

As well, when I was called into work on Saturday night, I was rear ended, so now I have no car until my insurance gets sorted, and my WiFi is out until Christmas Eve, so I need to visit the local coffee shop just to post
However, on 12/24 my wifi was back on.