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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Canada Day in Japan

I haven't been able to update this blog for two weeks due to work commitments as well as life. I tried making a video clip highlighting  one of my battle last week, but I haven't figured out how to send a video clip to this.
However, this is the Canada Day weekend for those in my home country. Here in Japan, we made our own fun.
We first went out to a park to play in grass!
Some of the Canadian music I always listen to consists of
Avril Lavigne, Simple Plan, Nickelback, Great Big Sea, Gin Lane, Crash Test Dummies, The Irish Decendents, Laurena McKinnit, John McDermmet, Barenaked Ladies, Sarah McCloughan,

Friday, 15 June 2012

Battle of Long Island 1776

The American riflemen take aim at the advancing Crown forces. This summer, I plan on recreating the 1776 New York campaign. This game depicted the initial British landing on Long Island. The figures in the foreground represent various rifle companies including Knowlton's Connecticut Rangers. The Crown forces included British troops from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Hessian mercenaries, Loyalist refugees enlisted as Royal Provincial units. More pictures to follow.
photo courtsey of the 17th Regiments website


Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Ian's new karate gi

Ian was so pleased to get his first uniform. He was also told by his sensei that he could possibly go for his first belt test next month as he trains so hard and has such a good attitude.