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Saturday, 21 January 2017

King George's War: French attack on Gorehams Rangers camp 1748

I'm not sure if I've played this battle before but one of my co-workers wants to get together and try some gamming.

This seems like a good start.

The game will be French troops from Quebec, and Acadia, with Mik Maq support,

The Crown forces will be made of several companies of Rangers.

The ranger base camp. 

 Le Compaigne Franche de La Marine form the right flank of the French,

Canadien Milice advances to support the French right.

A ranger company awaits the attack

Compaigne Frances in forest kit

 in garrison kit

MikMaq on the French left

Rangers deploy to their defences

the MikMaq maul the rangers on the right,

Alex catches on fast after loosing a milice group. He quickly advances his units to pour fire into the camp. Not even the camp followers survived. Total loss to the British.