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Friday, 31 October 2014

Kamagaya Fire Service festival 2014

A local womens taiko drum group.

Annie and her kids awaiting our AED training.

Emi learns how to save a kid, baby and adult. As did I. Both of us work with children, so knowing how to do this is a good idea.
For adults, you need to give 100 chest compressions a minute and also three breaths ever 20-30 seconds. This is to ensure oxygen and blood getting to the brain. The hand positions change for each age level. Adults require both hands and deep thrusts. Children require one hand, while babies only need two fingers. When using the AED pads, you put one pad on the adults right shoulder and under the breastbone on their left. For children, if they have a small chest size, you place one pad over their heart, and one over the centre of their back, while placing them on their side. You listen for instructions from the AED machine. The instructions are written in English, but the audio is in Japanese as it is in Japan after all.

 The young firefighter who helped us. The whole lecture was in Japanese so with my wife helping, I was able to understand it.
Thank you to Kamagaya City Fire Service.

Halloween 2014

Over here in Japan, it was a fizzle with my family. However I have a few shots to share
This is a candle lantern which I bought from IKEA about six years ago. I lit a candle and had my Mum's picture

Not sure what to make of the label on this tea. The Japanese can really mess up the use of English.

This was a funny little message my step-mum sent me.

My children with the city of Kamagaya's mascot. 

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Scenes from Cpl. Nathan Cirillo's journey along the Highway of Heroes

 I have to post this on my main blog. Rest in Peace Corporal, sorry you had to go, so that Canada can remain what Canadians want for our country, one of diversity, peace, and freedom!

Thanks to the Globe and Mail

Toy Soldiers at Jas. Townsend and Son

 Interesting look at 18th century toy soldiers.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Chiba on a Sunday

Fancy having a Starbucks?
Route 464 heading towards Chiba New Town
Ian took a shot of me driving our car. I usually only get to drive on Sunday as my wife needs the car for work.
The Japanese Airborne Division was running an exercise, thus they were having a heliborne assault.
The troop transports follow the gunships.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Canada Vignettes - Trading Post

 Another Hudson's Bay Canadian Vignettes. A large part of the Canadian economy was on the Fur Trade, and the Fishery, many of the Colonial wars were fought over both!

Canada Vignettes - Voyageurs

 A large part of Canadian history. Both the Hudson's Bay and North-West company used Voyageurs in the Fur Trade.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Preparing for another Typhoon

Twice in little over a week. The Japan Meteorological Agency is still confused with the direction, either this storm is going to hit Kyushu, and then Korea, or it will hit Kyushu, then hit the rest of main land. The strength is going between weak to the strongest yet this year, on the strength of the one that hit the Philippines last year.

As such, I have boil in the bag currys, pasta which I can also boil up, Ritz crackers, and we'll eat what ever is in the freezer when the power cuts out. If it does.

Pictures of kit
 you can barely see the golf range between the houses but that area of Kamagaya is under an evacuation order. It was damaged last week in the storm. They are afraid that with the winds, it will collapse!
my two bags of ememergency clothes packed, with enough for my wife and kids.
 combat vest with stove, two sets, forest for me, desert for either my sons or wife.

extra candle lantern 
Japanese emergency kit bag, always on the upstairs landing.

emergency rations more rations 
 more rations and tea.

 even more rations, canned food. We've kept canned food on store since 3/11.
Within our closet, we also have a tent which can sleep 6, plus I have a poncho for one, plus camping stoves, cooking kit on top of what I have in my kit. 
The typhoon was a whimper to what it was. 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Irish Wars 1485-1603

When I attended Saint Marys University in my second year, I did some Irish studies and in my Irish history, we talked about
 (my copy, Osprey Publishing)O'Neil's Rebellion.
I have vauge recollections, so decided to pick this up to see if I can do some wargamming in the early 1600s period. I should be able to with the 17th century figures I have. 

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Tyhoon 18 otherwise known as Phanfone

As of 5 am, all of the trains I usually use, are cancelled. Thus I have to wait at home with a good cuppa
 As of 5:45, this is what the rainfall is doing. The forecast is for 40-50m winds a second with 200mm of rain! I have to wait at home until the trains begin to move, or if I get word that my school board has deemed it too dangerous for staff and students to go out.
8:36am, my school was cancelled at 8am. Good thing I turned on NHK to see the weather at around 5. The weather is to get worse all day. By 18:00, the storm should be blown out to see. As can be seen, the farmer's field has already begun to flood. They had just begun to plant a fall/winter crop, this will now be lost.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Battle of Long Island August 27, 1776: Center and Left flank

This is the second part of the battle which had by far more troops.
The American line is made up of seven battalions while the crown forces have twenty-three!
 from,  Osprey Campaign New York 1776

The British Army deploys in line with half their guns at the front, and their cavalry on the right flank.

The American line just before the British advance begins. Knowlton's Rangers in the foreground begin to open up on the British left. They in turn advance two regiments forward who bayonet charge them. A further British battalion advances and begins to fire volleys. This disperses the rangers, and a Continental Regiment forms into line to trade volleys with the British.

Eventually, the Royal Artillery ground down the American infantry, then the Grenadiers charged in with bayonets, the Americans collapsed.
Washington's Army was reduced to a single brigade. The British, had plenty of reserves.
George Washington surrendered to Lord Howe. The rebellion was over!

Friday, 3 October 2014

Matsudo festival 2014

 This year, Emi and I went to Fujiya's desert all you can eat buffet. You could eat all your desserts, or order a meal and eat all the deserts. 

Ian and Leena danced again

They had an Amazonian theme to their samba dance. There was a large topless torso of a woman they had on a float. It was a bit strange. I didn't take a shot as I found it to be a little strange. Plus, I'd like to keep this family friendly.

18th century Cavalry sabre found in Nova Scotian house

A story on tells of a sabre found in a house which may have been involved in a murder case.

The Loyalist who brought it back may have either served in the British Legion, Tarelton's Legion, or the 17th Light Dragoons in the Southern Campaign.

Fall is here, so we are getting a typhoon

A nice fall shot of Kasairinkaikoen. There's a little story to this picture.
This was taken at 7am. Usually, the park has several dozen people jogging through it as it's one of Tokyo's biggest open free parks. However, Tokyo has recorded the presence of Dengue fever in several public parks. Thus a lot of people are avoiding open spaces like the plague.
I don't. I'm prepared, have mozzie rep, long sleeved shirts, plus it's next to the open water, so the breeze will keep them at bay. Also, with the cooler temperatures, this will be good as said mozzies will die off, or hibernate.