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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Monday, 17 April 2017

18th Century French Horse

Since I now have some excellent mounted dragoons, I shall have to paint them for the French service as I have a British and a Hanoverian, Prussian force.
Perhaps a new raid game?
Pictures to follow

Saratoga Campaign: Brunswick Dragoon Regiment Prinz Ludwig Ernst

It's taken me close to three years to build this unit due to my move back to Canada and finding a set of Dragoon figures.
Zeveda produced an excellent set which I have used the dismounted figures to build this Regiment.
The Regiment was equipped for mounted service but were unable to acquire horses upon arrival in Quebec in 1776. Thus it fought dismounted for the whole campaign.

From Osprey MAA 39 The British Army in North America 1775-83 (1974,1998,)

The regiment was raised at 1698 and was designated as a dragoon regiment in 1772, and was commanded by Maj-Gen Friedrich Riedesel who was in command of all Brunswick units in North America. Its field commander was Lt-Col. Friedrich Baum who would die at Bennington.
The Regiment had 20 officers and 316 men. It was organised into four troops of 3 officers and 75 men.

The entire regiment was either killer or captured at Bennington  on August 16, 1777