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Monday, 30 April 2012

Nerf fighting, Daddy's revenge!

My pistol held 2 shots, his only one! HAAA HAAA HAAAA. Later on this Golden week, more of same. He's now asking for the double barrelled one.

Ians evil chuckle

Once again, he won and he was giggling like mad as he then realised that the Scots Raiders could pillage to their hearts content, even the English farmer's wife was taken with the Scottish leader and rode off with him.

Are you ok daddy? It's only a game!

Here I am trying to figure out how my 6 year old son has beaten me again! Maybe he's using loaded dice, yeah that's it. That, and my musketeers kept either misfiring or were crap shots!

The livestock in the fields

Livestock in the field. Some English farmers armed with matchlocks try to drive off some Scots raiders

English farm

The interior courtyard of the farm. Loaded with loot for the Scots Raiders

Scottish market day

The English farmers escort their last wagonloads into the strong farm. The storehouse/windmill is packed with grain, whiskey, and livestock in the fields.

Scottish border action

This scenario is from Wargammes Illustrated. It's set in the Scottish/English borders. In this action, a Scottish Raiding party have decided to raid an English farm just before market day

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Bicycle built for four

I haven't figured out the zoom in function so well on my phone camera. Ian rode with our family friends around a course. These cars were all bicycled powered. The day was great as the weather was wonderfully balmy at 25c and nice sunshine. The park was crowded with thousands of people in families. Litterally hundreds of children all running around having fun in a park. Many Japanese people love to get out in green places. Too bad we have to pay a bundle to get in. But it's money well spent.

Dont let me fall daddy

I took this shot under the rope bridge. Leena was suprised. She didn't freak out which was good.

Leena tries

Leena was a good sport and wanted to try them too. I stayed with her to make her feel safe.
She was pretty tough and went at them as hard as Ian did.

I can do it.

This ride is more my style, cute.

Obstacles at HC Andersen Park

Ian wanted to climb up this rope ladder to follow his friend but his mummy said no at first. On his second attempt, he did it. After that, he was hitting them as best he could.
waiting their turn

Lots of climbing

Hold on tight

Ride the slide

then the train.

Golden week first event

Golden week in Japan is a series of public holidays which fall during the first week of May. Actually, the first holiday is April 29, but it fell on a Sunday this year so Monday is the holiday. This is a friend of our family crawling with Ian at HC Andersen Park in Funabashi, Chiba prefecture. Our families spent seven hours crawling about this outdoor jungle gym, having a nice lunch. I haven't had such good burgers in a long time (they were advertised as American size which meant they were actual size, not the tiny things you usually get.)

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Ian in his urban camo rain coat

Yesterday, while on the way home, it began to drizzle. I knew my son didn't have a raincoat, so I stopped by the shop Workman and got him what is called an Urban Camoflage jacket. Since it's designed for an adult, it fits him fine, right over top of his school bag. He liked the color. Now he's all set for the rainy season. I just have to get myself a second DPM waterproof suit.
I`m calm, I`m at peace, I`m enlightened


Sunday, 22 April 2012

Dominos pizza comes to town

Kamagaya has been without a decent pizza shot since Pizza Hut closed shop about 3 years ago. This branch opened just last weekend. I guess I know where I'll be getting my birthday feed this year.


Ian in karate

Ian has now joined a Karate class geared for children. It's a good way for him to make friends, have more confidence, as well as getting rid of stress.


Flesh meat

Ah yes, part of live in Japan is the joy of finding signs that use English without proof reading. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Baby back ribs".


Monday, 9 April 2012

Ians first day of school

In Japan, the first day of school when you join the first grade is a big ceremony. Children wear their best suits, parents also wear suits, sometimes kimonos and take their children to the school. The school our son goes to was the same one my wife attended!
Ian's backpack is called a Landsale, one of the ideas the Prussian army gave to Japan. All elementary school students from the first to sixth grade have one, usually the same for their entire elementary career.


Sunday, 8 April 2012

Colonials attempt to hold the fort

The local frontier militia attempt to hold the farm against the horde of Canadiens and Hurons.



My vacation solo battle

This scenario is a what if situation whereby the French, flush with success from their attack on Fort William Henry continue down the frontier towards Albany, New York. The colonial militia sufferend a complete meltdown when faced with a large Canadien milice and Indian party.


Japanese deer, The Shika

The closest I will get to a deer in Japan.
There is bit of a story behind this shot. It reminds me of a situation I had back in Nova Scotia with my Korean friends. In 1997, the Korean host family I stayed with visited my family in Canada. Outside, my father had left a set of deer antlers lying on the ground. The Koreans were immediately surprised and shocked that we had them just lying around. Koreans, like the Chinese will use deer antler for traditional medicines. My friend was trying to figure out how we could take them back to Korea. His wife asked me what we were going to do with them, to which I replied that he would make them into buttons, knife handles or other tools.
When we got back to Korea and my friends were talking to the other staff, they were aghast that we'd have something so valuable lying on the ground.
This deer in Japan had his antlers sawn off to prevent him from ramming kids.


Japanese meat &potato

I think the meat was actually cow tongue! Not bad, but a little tough. The potatoes were almost like Roti, with lots of butter. Just some standard fare one can find at Japanese festivals


Happy Easter with a pink banana

This years Sakura festival happened to fall on Easter. My kids wanted Easter Bunnys but they are hard to come by in Japan. We did get Choco Bananas. Leena wanted a pink one.



Sakura party

Every year, the Japanese celebrate the cherry blossoms by sitting under them in parks, enjoying drinks food and each others company. This park was across the street from a Buddhist temple. In the temple grounds, were kiosks selling snack foods, toys and beverages.


Sakura or cherry blossoms

Spring in Japan is when the Sakura or Cherry blossoms come out. Last year, all the Sakura viewing parties were cancelled due to Japan's expression of mourning for those who were killed, missing, injured or otherwise badly affected by the Great East Japan earthquake.


Wednesday, 4 April 2012


During my spring vacation, I decided to play out the 1745-46 Jacobite rebellion. This shot shows the initial Jacobite Highland Charge. However, as in the real battle, the British line didn't crumble in panic, and were able to advance and flank the charge and pour in musketry. The battle still rages, but most of the front rank have fallen. It's up to the Irish Picquites and Royale Eccosais to stem the British Advance.
 Clan officer Robert L. Redden wearing a small belted plaid in Cullodeen tartan.

Royal Eccossais, Regiment Rooth, Regiment Dillion, Fitzjames Horse

Ian As a light infantry

I took this shot while walking home from school yesterday, just before we had our strong storm. He looked either like a Colonial ranger in Nova Scotia 1750's or a VC cadre circa 1968. He's enjoying his after school program before he begins school next week.


Result of bombardment on Blair Castle

Now usually when a castle walls were breached, the attacker would charge in. However, while playing this game, one battlement fell down due to a strong gust of wind which hit my house. The collapse fell right on my main Jacobite attacking force. There was one stand of highlanders left, with two French guns in support. They then made a hasty retreat.
Interesting way to end a game I suppose.


Siege of blair castle

Blair castle in Scotland was besieged by the Jacobites in March, 1746. It was held by the 21st Regiment, The Royal Scots Fusiliers. The Jacobites were unsuccessful and had to fall back on Inverness.

My Kids with daikon

This month, as I'm on spring vacation, I take my kids to daycare and school. We always pass a small garden plot with an elderly gentleman who grows vegetables. I stopped by last week and asked him about his crops. I then thanked him for growing vegetables. This week, as we walked by, he called us over, then pointed out his row of Daikon's known in the English world as Japanese radish. He gave us this one. He didn't want any payment. I guess farmers don't get thanked enough. Ian and I want to take him a cup of tea, but we haven't seen him since.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Raid on Keith 1746

The final stages of the Jacobite assault on Keith village on the night of March 20, 1746. This was against a small garrison of Argyle militia and 10th Dragoons. The Argyles are off in the upper right corner trying to chase off the Scots Hussars. On the Jacobite left, the Fraser's are closing in for the kill on the remaining 10th Hussars.


Assault vest kit or Emergency stuff

Last Friday, March 29, 2012 I cycled about 30 km round trip. I cycled down to one of my favourite shops Wild One, which is a Japanese outdoor and camping shop. It's choc a bloc full of everything you need for camping, fishing, hiking, canoeing etc. I also stopped at another outdoor shop named L-Breath. Their slogan is "feel the earth, open-air sports" I was able to pick up the following items.
An Espit hexa-block stove. My Dad used these when he was attached to 4th Battalion (TA) Royal Green Jackets back in the summer of 1974. I also picked up some Sporks made by a Swedish company. I also found a water proof match case which I have back in Canada, but didn't have here. As a back up, I also have included a lighter.
Slowly but surely I'm getting my emergency gear together.
My vest was a Christmas present back about 1986. It was made in Korea, which is where I ended up ten years later. The name tag I got from a Canadian military supply company which name I seem to have forgotten at the moment.