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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

British Troops of the Seven Years War/French and Indian War: 40th Regiment

The 40th Regiment, which I have blogged about before, was the first regular British regiment raised in Nova Scotia in 1717.
 40th Grenadier. Photo courtsey of Kerry DeLoreySoldier of the 40th British infantry regiment, around 1745
Soldier of the 40th British infantry regiment, around 1745
The 40th Regiment of Foot was the longtime British garrison in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. This common soldier firing a musket is shown in the dress of around 1745. For ordinary service, English soldiers wore brown gaiters instead of white, which easily got dirty. When the weather was chilly, they unhooked the turnbacks of their coats to cover their thighs and buttoned the lapels across the chest.
painted shots to follow
By 1758, the 40th Foot, also known as Hopsons had served in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. 
The Grenadiers were part of the Quebec campaign of 1759 as one of the companies of The Louisbourg Grenadiers, the  Grenadiers of the 22nd, 40th and 45th regiments. All of these I will post painted figures of in the coming weeks.

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