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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Hypothetical Spanish vs Samurai in Japan circa 1605

This battle is a "what if" the Spanish had sent Conquistadors to Japan to Christianise Japan, and to add the Japanese islands to their colony in the Philippines.
The overview shot shows the Spanish Tericos against a Samurai Arrow formation.

 The Japanese arrow formation known as...

 The Spanish Tericos. They also deployed a cavalry group and a screen of dragoons and crossbows. 

The Japanese advanced towards the Spanish using their arrow formation. The Spanish artillery began to soften up the advance and break apart the tip of the arrow. The Japanese musketry screen to the front was the first to fall under grape shot. As the end of the Japanese arrowhead passed by, the Spanish dragoons, crossbow, sword and buckler men then charged in. This resulted in the Japanese arrow to be split into different directions. However, the tip of the arrow made contact with the first Terico and was able to break it apart. The Spanish right, advanced past their artillery to hit the Japanese left. This began to push the arrow in on itself. The Japanese responded by pushing back the Spanish swordsmen and taking out half of the crossbowmen. The Japanese archers kept back the Spanish horse. Eventually, the Tericos ground down the Japanese who eventually withdrew, having taken heavy casualties. The Shogun would have to marshal many more samurai to drive back this thrust by the Conquistadors.
More actions to follow later this summer.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

My little boy has a kind heart

May 27 is my birthday. This year I felt a bit gloomy as Im still mourning my mum. One thing which I always looked forward to was mum calling me on my birthday, so this was the first this would not happen.
My mum had bought a Halmark book about the first Christmas which you could record your voice. So last night before I took Ian to karate class, he used his cell phone to call my cellphone and had the book talk to me so thatmy mum could call me on my birthday. what better present can you get better than love?

Sunday, 25 May 2014

The iNNO¿SENSE 2014.4.7 at下北沢CAVE-BE

Amazingly, this is my step-sons rock band. He's the lead singer. His sister told us about it. He's kept this secret from us, I guess because he thought we'd not approve. On the contrary, rather proud of him.

fancy a curry for a birthday

we went to our favorite Indian restaurant in Kamagaya for my birthday dinner. quite good. Royal Bengal has been at Across Mall in Kamagaya for as long as I've lived in the city. They have two buffet sittings, their lunch or dinner.
The lunch buffet consists of all you can eat naan, two styles of rice; plain of saffron.
Then they have four styles of curry, two styles of dessert, several styles of salad. There is also a drink bar of soft drinks, lassie or chai on offer, but the drink bar needed to be paid extra.

The dinner menu also includes 3 styles of tandoori, french fries. As well, you can order 3 styles of naan, plain, cheese and coconut. I absolutely stuffed myself as did my wife and kids. A healthy birthday meal for me.  

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Thats a lot of pussycats

I had to take this picture there were three more just out of camera. This is at somebodys home on the way to the train stations I walk to. I guess they don't have a mice and rat problem. Come to think of it, there aren't too many birds around there either.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Rod and Emi Redden 11th wedding anniversary

Emi and I cooking dinner together.
I made a Chinese stir-fry and Emi made Tako-yaki, cheese dumplings,

The kids were getting really hungry as I had to spend close to two hours in the dentists chair getting my tooth ready for a filling.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Another sports day 2014

This is one of those events in Japan whereby families got to their childrens school to watch them run, dance in a dusty school ground. it also means a lot of sitting around waiting for your kids to do something. Then you eat a picnic lunch while surrounded by other families jostling for space on ground sheets
all the students

the red team

Ian and Leena having lunch with us.Ian was Red team, Leena was white.

Many people recently think they are twins, not quite, but they sure do get along together.
This was our picnic spot. I also used my British army bergan cover as my seat.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Mother's day, Ian's 9th birthday

This year we gave Ian a bbq and cake. And like most kids stogged himself on ice-cream.
However we all had fun
getting the steaks on the grill

 the chef hard at work. The bbq menu was chicken, steak, jumbo shrimp, hot dogs on sticks, thin sliced pork, grilled rice balls, grilled green peppers with grilled eggplant and marshmellows

gateaux a la Costco

 my oldest daughter cooking grilled rice balls, otherwise known as yaki-onigiri
 Ian and I just before he got a little sunstroke! That or he ate too much ice-cream at Costco this morning.

Mother's Day 2014, Goodbye mummy

Dear Mum:
This is the first Mother's day that you are not with us. I am still coming to grips that you are gone, so I guess this letter to you is a way for me to grieve, laugh and remember you.
You're usual vauge replies to emails and infrequent calls finally caught up with you. I'm so very glad that you had the chance to spend your last Easter with your husband, daughter, and extended family.

You sort of got your wish of dying with a piece of chalk in your hand. You always wanted to be a teacher and help children learn. Right up to when God took you away. I'm just sorry that I never got the chance to hold you in a hug again. I'm sorry you didn't get the chance to see your grandchildren in Japan again. Tomoki, Kazuma and Arisa, and Ian and Leena.
Though you would consume vast quantities of coffee, I'm barely able to finish a large double-double.
Tea is my thing, which you would drink a bit, but which I can consume in large amounts.
I began to write to my sister again, so in one way, you got one of your wishes to come true, that I would begin to patch things up with her.
Let's see, what's my earliest memory of you?
You told me I used to rock my crib back and forth to make a rythum, which would drive you crazy. I had a knack for that.
I remember the summer of 1977, when you went back to NSTC. You and Dad were running to get something done, and I was running to keep up. I tripped and scrapped my knees. I remember crying and feeling bad because I would get blood on your summer dress. I couldn't express that to you, but I guess my tears might have told you.
I do remember another time, one of the countless ones where I had to be taken to the IWK in Halifax to stay yet again because my kidneys were acting bad again. I was really mad because you and Dad were leaving me in the hospital alone again. This time, I tore away screaming and crying No Mommy daddy don't go, I won't be sick no more. The nurse picked me up and carried me back to bed, and I cried so hard because I made you cry. Many years later when I told you the story, you got mad at me because you cried for 40km on the drive home.
There were of course all those trips we took many  summers, PEI Cape Breton, Newfoundland, beaches dollar lake, shopping most Saturdays,  and of course your trip to see me in Korea and Japan.

We remember you and that's all that matters.
We love you, and miss you. Have a tea pot ready for us when we see you in heaven.
Love your son and his family in Japan
Myself about 18 months, Mum and my Dad probobly about 1975

And us again in 1981.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Golden Week 2014

This year taking it easy and visiting our favorite outlet mall
 The mall has a room set aside where children could make Japanese handicrafts.

My wife is getting over a cold so she wanted to wear a mask. Makes her more mysterious for me!

Having a take out lunch next to the Starbucks at Aeon Chiba New Town shopping centre.