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Monday, 15 February 2016

My musical sound tracks for Wargames and relaxation

I haven't mentioned this for a bit, but the music which helps me to get relaxed or that I picture when gamming, painting or in need of a deep breath are these:

Couperin: Works for Harpsichord as arranged by Olivier Baumont
This CD I bought while living in Japan. The work was published in 2004 by Warner Music Japan. It contains 20 tracks but the names are listed in Japanese.

My other CD is LA Tour Baroque Duo: Music at the time of Louisburg. This is a duo of Tim Blackmore and Michel Cardin who between them play flutes, Harpsichord, and theorbo. This CD Public in 2013 in celebration of the Tricentennial of the Founding of Louisburg and Isle Royale contains 29 compositions.
Now grant you, the two above CDs contain music of the Officer class.

The rank and file I have covered by a Canadian trio called Gin Lane named after the famous Hogarth work Beer Street and Gin Lane. Their album The Idle prentices contains 18 tracks of instumenal tunes using bagpipes, drums, borans, dulcimers, tin whistles, gives a glimpse of what soldiers and their families must have heard in camp and garrisons.

Military music of the period I have from The Brigade of the American Revolution.
Their first album, Military Musick of the American Revolution contains 39 marches, camp duty calls and marches. This album published in 1989, formed the basis of my instruction following my training with 2nd Battalion DeLancey's Brigade in the summer of 1985.
BAR produced a second album in 1999 entitled Marches & Favorite Airs of the Brigade of the American Revolution. This second album contains 45 British and American tunes which are played at their events.

Further music I listen to consists of classical guitar. I listen to Kaori Muraji's album Green Sleeves which contains 29 tracks was published in 1994.

I also was able to get two classical CDs of Mozart and Bach. Both of these were bought at Japanese 100 yen shops around 2001.
My final mention is Antonio Lauro Venezuelan Waltzes for Guitar played by Adam Holzman which was published in 2000.
I hope you can enjoy these works
Happy gaming and painting

pike and shot vs fantasy

Ian painted up his metal fantasy figures he was given before he left Japan. 

He then took our Aztec and Amerindian figures to add to his fantasy

And attacked a castle held by our European style Pike and shot figures

Friday, 12 February 2016

Seven Years War/ French and Indian War French commands

Les Tomboures. When I have a bit more time I will note which regiments
The officers, at one point I had their flags painted but 12 years in storage will make stuff fall apart.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Storm day consolation

well, I guess God does give me conpensations. There is a major storm to hit Nova Scotia today, so schools are closed. Thus, I get a day with my children!
So it's gamming and movies with homemade cheeseburgers!

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Frustrated is my life

Every single weekend off for the past three months has had a day scarified!
Now I don't mind the over time, its the messed up paychecks and lack of sleep
And I'm getting tired of seeing my sons eyes disappointed when I have to cancel another event I said we could do

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Catching up on my sleep

Yesterday, i spent a grand total of seven hour awake, the rest was asleep! As a security officer supervisor, which meant for two weeks I was run ragged.
Consequently, I turned my phone off.
Then listened to the irate message left by my partner when he couldn't find kit, which I didn't have either.