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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Cycling and Camping gear Volume 2

This shot shows what I like to wear when I go camping. On the left I have my woodland camoflage pattern vest, centre are my DPM t-shirt and trousers, on the right, my faded Eddie Bauer bush hat as well as an Eddie Bauer flannel shirt. From a distance, the flannel shirt looks like it's in a military camoflauge pattern but actually, it's a duck hunting scence with dogs and ducks. Rather comfy. On the far left is my kit bag my wife bought me for Christmas.

My hot weather gear I wear for camping and cycling. At the top, I have a British forces issue towel, Canadian Forces issue summer combat trousers, which I bought close to 20 years ago from an army surplus store in Nova Scotia. My bush hat again. Centre are my British army desert DPM pattern trousers, and t-shirt. Then we have another Eddie Bauer item, a pair of shorts, which look like camoflage but are actually a pattern of many differnt trees and leaves.

My wolly-putty sweater which me Mum sent me from Canada. I added the RA TRF as I was a paid reenactor with Parks Canada back in 1995 as a member of the 3rd Bde. Royal Artillery who were the gunners garrisoned at the Halifax Citadel at the same time as the 78th Highlanders (1869-71). My NBC suit is a Mk II British Forces issue. After the Fukushimi-Dainichi accident last year, there were fears that with the rainy season, the rain would be contaminated with radiation. As a precaution, I bought myself this suit to wear while cycling.

My current rain gear consists of a DPM bergan cover (on the bottom), an AFV balaklava, an ex Highlanders balmoral which I added the current TRF of the Royal Regiment of Scotland. I couldn't find one of The Highlanders or Seaforths. The 78th Highlanders were merged into the Seaforth Highlanders in 1881, becoming their 2nd Battalion. The other DPM item is a nylon rain suit which I picked up from a shop called "Workman" which supplies construction workers or those working outside in Japan. The packinging read Green Camoflage. I wear this under the NBC suit as an added layer during the late winter and spring. On the left, is my new small day sack which my wife got for me at Christmas.  As I cycle in Japan, I usually get stared at, as I seem to be the only foreigner who cycles to my job in this area. My feeling is, if you are going to stare, have a reason. Though cycling by the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Base does make for fun as the armed sentries try to figure out who I am. Though I have chatted to one of their officers who was outside picking up trash. All these items I have collected either via, or Eddie Bauer. Incidently, Eddie Bauer seems to be the only clothing shop which sells large sizes for non-Japanese. When my waist size got to the point where their largest size was still too small, I decided to begin cycling to work. It's paid off, as I can now buy clothes from them again.

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