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Monday, 15 July 2013

Privateer raids in Nova Scotia in the 18th Century

This summer, Ian and I plan on fighting a few campaigns. One of them will be to do some privateer raids.

This year, July 15, 2013 is the national Japanese holiday of Marine day. To celebrate this, Ian and I decided to have a Privateer raid on Canso circa 1720
A fancifal view of Canso

On of the farmers desperately trying to tend livestock in the rough climate of Nova Scotia

Gibbons Regiment drill in the parade square

Some of the more substantial buildings which could have been built at Canso, however, most of the buildings would have been rough wooden shacks.
"Black Bart" Robert's ship arrives, filled with MikMaq warriors and freebooters looking for cheap plunder.

As the battle began, Ian fired his guns to blast apart the seaward defences. He then landed his pirates/privateers on the shore. The Board of Ordance gunners took post under fire and began to blast the pirates apart. Eventually, after two waves of attackers were knocked down, the pirate gunners opened up again, this time aiming at the gun battery. Their fire was affected by the surf. All the while, the British Infantry and local fishermen and militia kept up a brisk musketry.
Finally, with weight of numbers prevailing, the commander, a lowly Lieutant, surrendered the town, and witnessed it's sacking.


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