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Saturday, 14 June 2014

My wife in her Kimono

My wife is a daycare teacher. Her daycare had a 50th anniversary party. It was held at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. As such, she needed to wear formal wear, and didn't feel like buying an outfit which she'd only wear once. She thus decided to wear one of her kimonos. 
When she was younger, she took classes to learn how to wear the kimono. She has her liscence in dressing women in these beautiful gowns, however, many Japanese women do not wear them often as getting the look right is tricky.
In fact, after we got home when I showed her the shot, she noticed that the tie on the obi, or sash drooped down, it should have been tucked in more neatly. She hadn't noticed it. She needed to get her hair done as well. Ah, I do admire her.

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