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Monday, 23 March 2015

Ye Muntinous Crew of Scurvy Dogs against The King's Men

This was my first play test of "On The Seven Seas". I've read a review of the game after I bought it, but thought, it shouldn't be too bad. It looks like an interesting game, but some of the firing rules are a bit annoying, but that might be to reflect how terrible flintlock and muzzle-loading firearms.
So our story begins. A small port town on a market day. Two ships of His Majesty King George I keep guard over a small colonial town in the colony of Newfoundland 

A small shallop pulls up, with a 12lb gun 

 Some Militia horse come to protect the town.

A battalion of uniformed militia with a gun.

Citizens take up arms to protect their town.

In one of the more insane moves, the Pirates ignore the King's ships and run right into the beach.

Two pirates skiffs run onto the beach, much to the amusement of the Royal Navy.

The Pirates, soused on rum run ashore, attempting to use their fierce and drunk demenor to scare off the militia.
But the townspeople hold their own and begin to trade musket fire
And pirates begin to fall.
The Royal Navy begins to sink the pirate skifs
One final push by the pirates to try and steal some supplies.
A militia cavalry charge
Fierce hand to hand combat results in casualties on both sides.
More pirates are shot down.
Some militia begin to go down.
The central market is becoming a place of death. The King's Officer takes on the Pirate captain, and the officer wins.

The pirates, taking more gunfire from the ships pulls off, even losing their gun.

Note to self, have pirates storm the ships at first to gain the fire support. They will sail into a port again, just maybe one not so well defended.
After I played this game I found the rules to be something which wasn't comparable with my other rule book so I sold the book the figures I have kept. Any pirate style games will be using the Field Glory rules

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