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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Hot time Summer in Chiba

My temporary tattoo: Swing Free Sport Kilt
I've been tempted to get tattoos of my former cap badges, plus my wife wants me to put her name on me, so I will see.

My summer haircut. Buzzed down, feels cooler.

This is a shot taken after 10 days of rain and humidity!

Day one of rain

Daddy's hair style is good, Leena says

Trying to eat lunch in an outdoor covered patio with 30c and 75% humidity! The sweat is running into my eyes despite my sweat cloth on my head.

 Ian trying to beat the heat with a cold drink.

Leena seems fine digging into her grub.

The kids trying out a hammock made by a Mexican company for the Japanese market. Was really comfortable too!

Wearing my Ulster Defence cap badge on a rifle green beret while wearing a maroon t-shirt and an olive green sweat cloth, one of the few sunny days during rainy season!
East Asia has been suffereing from rainy season, plus the start of the typhoon season! Makes for an unpleasant summer in urban areas!

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