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Monday, 21 September 2015

18th century encampment, Halifax Citadel, National Historic site of Canada

84th musicians, myself as a Drummer Sargeant and Fifer Bailey

Troops practicing the manual of arms

putting myself through my paces as the drummer

I now carry the 84th Regiments drum when I field as their drummer

Corporal Punishment, aka Smurf, aka Cpl. Nickerson

Ian in my original drummer's coat with Leena

Ian does his own drill on the walls

Ian and I back in camp

Ian checks out the other uniforms.

In my undress uniform, I need to build some new gear as i've grown both up and out since my uniform was tailored in 1990!

waiting for ammunition issue

Kings' forces await inspection

Marching down to the glacis

forming up on the crest of the glacis

Musik only visible by our heads

prime and load

come taste my steel!

King George and broadsword!

troops pose for public photos

marching the troops back

music pass by the Sargeant

Fifer Bailey checks out the photographer, and we are all in step

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