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Thursday, 3 March 2016

En avant French troops advancing, North America, 1758

The main French line deploy in collums with artillery support

Regiment La Reine

Le Compaigne Frances de La Marine occupy the wooden stockade

Amerindians and Courier de Bois deploy as a skirmish line.

A large screen of Amerindian warriors will also be confronting the advancing Colonial and British troops.
   The main British line advances past the small fort, prepare to form a firing line and begin to fire on the French line.

Looking at the 60th Regiment through the ranks of the 28th.

The RA begin to open up on the fort, turning the wood into matchsticks.

The Rangers take on the line of Amerindians, passing their morale check.

The French line then begins to open up on the British.
At this point, I had taken a nap, noting that the French line seemed to be in good condition.
However, a good commander never assumes a battle is won unless it is won.
General action between both lines begins. 

Montcalm attempts to use his Amerindians to scatter the British Grenadiers, but they are made of stern stuff.

The main French line await behind artillery.
Over the course of about a week, Ian and I played this action. The French unfortunately were never able to regain their advantage. Their Amerindians fled when confronted by the Grenadiers and only the French artillery remained by the end, the infantry having been unable to stem the British advance. 
Until again Mon ami

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