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Friday, 3 June 2016

Saratoga Campaign: The Siege of Fort Stanwix

The next action for the campaign, the attack on Fort Stanwix
The Americans hold their fort with Militia, Rangers and a few regulars

A battalion of the King's Royal Regiment of New York begin to deploy

RA batteries begin to lay their guns to bombard the fort.

Amerindians allied to the British prepare to take vengence against the Yankees who are stealing their hunting grounds

Their yells and cries add to the Americans panic.
The Loyalists began to fire on the fort, driving in the Americans to shelter from their fire. Eventually, an all out assault occured which drove the Americans in half the fort to surrender.
With the rest of the fort holding what was left of the American command, it would take some time to pry them out, perhaps hot shot from the Royal Artillery?

With a furious amount of musketry and a final bombardment, the American garrison surrenders. The British continue their steamroll advance to crush the rebellion of their deluded colonists.

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