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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Saratoga Campaign 1777: Battle of Freeman's Farm

American army begins advance on the British Army, far left

centre position of both armies

American right

New Hampshire Regiment

The British Army advances

Pickets of the 21st mixed in with Loyalists

Canadian Militia, RAFM figures

New York Regiments

The Battle begins

The Americans decided to try and smash the Crown forces in one battle. The American right advanced quickly to block the crossroads while the American left attempted to flank the Crown right. The American centre then advanced straight at the British and Loyalist troops in the centre.
The Canadien milice were initally scattered, but recovered and with Loyalist support, used their old tactics to smash apart the American lines. The Brunswick troops pushed down on the American left and were able to surround General Arnold! 
Despite their best efforts, Morgan's Rifles were unable to push back the Loyalist Rangers, or Canadien milice. The Mohawks, gave a half hearted attack due to the fact they still were low on supplies from their attack at Fort Stanwix and Oriskany. 

The Battle ended with the Crown sweeping around the American left flanking the entire Patriot line. Seeing that they would be unable to push ahead, the Americans withdrew, but not before smashing the British regulars.
So a historical replay, not by plan, I was actually trying to see if the Americans could win.

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