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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Saratoga Campaign: The action at Coulter's Battle of Farm Freeman's September 19, 1777

The remaining troop of the Brunswick Dragoons advances through a small wood 

 Regts vonRhetz, vonRiedesel, vonSpecht

The Brunswick units take the Crown right and centre. 

 Connecticut militia in a fortified camp.

The crown begins to form up.

 British Light Infantry file through a small wood which the American militia hasn't fortified well.

the Americans await the crowns advance.

The British advance was very fast. The Americans fired about two volleys. 
The Brunswickers and Crown forces advanced and blasted volleys.
The only crown casualties were when the Americans sent their riflemen out to take out the Hessian artillery.

The Crown forces then flanked the Americans. The riflemen  were taken out first, then the left flank which was the American militia. 

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