Monday, 27 April 2020

Talons, Claws and Rotten Dice, Great Northern War battle from Wargames Illustrated 386 Battle of Pole Krwi July 1705

While I was living in South Korea, I picked up 2 Osprey Books on Peter the Great's Army. When I moved back to Nova Scotia in 2015, I had to jetison some of my libray in order to buy food. Both books I sold to a used book store in Dartmouth.
However, I have 18th century figures which were marketed for the Great Northern War which I have painted as 18th French and English for my conflicts here in Nova Scotia.
I have enough troops as Russians and Swedish. The fun bit of this conflict is that the figures will be a mix of nationalties.

Swedish Army:
13 Squadrons Horse blades (cavalry armed with swords)
4 pike and shot regiments (flintlock muskets)

Russo-Saxon Army:
5 dragoon squadrons swords, pistols
1 squadron of Cossacks
7 Regiments armed with muskets
2 field guns
1 light gun

The Russians have to stop the Swedish Army advance.
Pictures to follow

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