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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

My other life as a drummer

I was one of the founding members of the 2nd Battn 84th RHE in Nova Scotia, Canada back in 1984. The cover shot is of myself back in 1989 at the Burning of Fairfield event in Connecticut.
I was also a member of the Tokyo Pipeband in Japan for two years until my graduate work and full time job left me with little time for band practise.
However, I am forming a small group of guys who enjoy playing bluegrass and Celtic music in my own home.
This was the 2010 shot of the drummers in the Tokyo Pipeband including the drumming judge. I'm the bearded fellow in the dark glasses.
Warming up with my buddy Andrew from Scotland.
Another shot of myself in 1987 with a piper from the 78th Highlanders out of the Halifax Citadel. This was during one of our recruitment events at the Metro Highland Games.
This is a shot taken of me back in 1989 by Kerry Delorey. The coat is taken from a sample of tartan found on Culloden Moor. My father had the coat made up for himself but I snagged it that morning as it was the only thing which wasn't wet from the rain the night before.
This shot was taken by my wife at the 84th RHE dinner back in 2003. My best buddy back home, Mark Weatherby is a fellow private and Saint Mary's University grad.
Before my morning cup of tea! And after a night of Alexander Keiths.

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