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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Remembrance Day in Japan

A German Army truck which would have been used in Bosnia. Shot taken in my city of Kamagaya, Japan.
I always remember the sacrifices of the men and women of Canada who gave their lives, and their time in the service, be it militiary, or merchant marine.
This summer I was proud to visit the Commonwealth War Cemetary in Yokohama to pay respects to all the Commonwealth personnel interned there.
My grandfather served in the Royal Canadian Ordanance Corps during World War 2. He went to war in 1939 and came back unhurt in 1945. One of my happiest memories was taking him with my Japanese family to Pier 21 and having the chance to see the picture of the ship he came home on.

When I have the chance, I play Flowers of the Forest, and Last Post. I take time to remember,
but as I read on the Royal British Legion's website last year, for some people, everyday is Remembrance day.

From 1985-95 I wore my band uniform with my father and played in every Remembrance day parade held in Stewiacke, Nova Scotia.
I took part in our High school drama club's For every tear, a play which was written by students about the war. We took it to Pictou as well as holding it in our village of Middle Musquodoboit.

My father was an infantry officer in the First Battalion Nova Scotia Highlanders (North) in the 1970's.
We took part in memorial services in South Korea in 2001, and I had visited Kapyong 4 times between 1997-1999.
I've visited the Korean War Memorial in Seoul, and Yasakuni Shrine in Tokyo.
Today I remember all those who have died in war, and hope that humanity can find another way to settle our differences.

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