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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Dancing and Karate

It's been a bit of a busy weekend here in Japan. Ian and Leena had a dance event on Friday, for a charity event held in Kamagaya. The event is to be an annual event to assist the recovery effort for Tohoku, Japan, the area hit by the big earthquake.
Leena as a butterfly

The local neighborhood festival.

These are the pictures from the dancing.
There were some interesting samba dancers but if you've seen them once, you've seen them all (and I've seen the same ladies 4 times this year, though they are marvelous, though my wife was daring me to take shots)
I'm dancing again?

Do I have to wear this makeup?

Left foot, right foot.

Just before the samba ladies showed up.

Then on Sunday, Ian had his first Karate tournament. He won his first sparing but lost to the second. There was one kid who placed third but he was a real spoiled sport. He threw his gloves on the mats and had a temper tantrum. The umpire scholded him in front of everyone for being such a bad sport. Of the students in Ian's dojo, only one managed to get a medal for his kata or drill style. However, it was a fun event. Even Ian's sensei concured with my opinion of this kid. Totally disrespected the match, the players, judges. Sure he was only 6, but in any sport, acting up like that is bad. (Pictures to follow)

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