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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Siege of Port Royal May 1690

Massachusetts troops, around 1690
Massachusetts troops, around 1690
This reconstruction shows some of the defenders of the English colony of Massachusetts, circa 1690. On the left is a militiaman; at left centre, an ensign is carrying a company flag of the Boston Regiment; in the middle stands an officer with sword and spontoon; at right, a cavalryman is wearing a cuirass and helmet. Reconstruction by David Rickman. (

Since the French in Quebec began to attack New York and New England, the New Englanders then decided to hit at Port Royal, Acadia due to the fact that the French were in competition with Boston merchants over the fishery.

For this battle, I shall use 70 English stands, both pike and shot with 10 guns.

The French defenders I have as 9 French stands, with 8 cannons, inside the fort while outside would be about 12 MikMaw warriors.

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