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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Hypothetical Spanish vs Samurai in Japan circa 1605

This battle is a "what if" the Spanish had sent Conquistadors to Japan to Christianise Japan, and to add the Japanese islands to their colony in the Philippines.
The overview shot shows the Spanish Tericos against a Samurai Arrow formation.

 The Japanese arrow formation known as...

 The Spanish Tericos. They also deployed a cavalry group and a screen of dragoons and crossbows. 

The Japanese advanced towards the Spanish using their arrow formation. The Spanish artillery began to soften up the advance and break apart the tip of the arrow. The Japanese musketry screen to the front was the first to fall under grape shot. As the end of the Japanese arrowhead passed by, the Spanish dragoons, crossbow, sword and buckler men then charged in. This resulted in the Japanese arrow to be split into different directions. However, the tip of the arrow made contact with the first Terico and was able to break it apart. The Spanish right, advanced past their artillery to hit the Japanese left. This began to push the arrow in on itself. The Japanese responded by pushing back the Spanish swordsmen and taking out half of the crossbowmen. The Japanese archers kept back the Spanish horse. Eventually, the Tericos ground down the Japanese who eventually withdrew, having taken heavy casualties. The Shogun would have to marshal many more samurai to drive back this thrust by the Conquistadors.
More actions to follow later this summer.

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