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Sunday, 25 May 2014

fancy a curry for a birthday

we went to our favorite Indian restaurant in Kamagaya for my birthday dinner. quite good. Royal Bengal has been at Across Mall in Kamagaya for as long as I've lived in the city. They have two buffet sittings, their lunch or dinner.
The lunch buffet consists of all you can eat naan, two styles of rice; plain of saffron.
Then they have four styles of curry, two styles of dessert, several styles of salad. There is also a drink bar of soft drinks, lassie or chai on offer, but the drink bar needed to be paid extra.

The dinner menu also includes 3 styles of tandoori, french fries. As well, you can order 3 styles of naan, plain, cheese and coconut. I absolutely stuffed myself as did my wife and kids. A healthy birthday meal for me.  

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