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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Saratoga Campaign 1777: Battle of Hubbardton July 6

Crown Forces:
Fraser's Advanced Corps
Loyalists and Amerindians
24th Foot
Grenadier Battalion
Light Infantry Battalion

Grenadier Battalion
Light Battalion

American Forces:
2nd New Hampshire
Massachusetts Militia X2

The Americans forces.
Two battalions of militia backed up by the New Hampshire Regiment  

The Lights begin to engage the American left flank 

While the Brunswickers engage the right

The Artillery holds their ground to possibly add fire support

A birds eye view of the actioin

2nd Continental Light Dragoons, in Nova Scotia, 1992 for Mary Sillimans War filming

Brunswickers on the left continue to engage the American right

The militia beat off the Lights attack.

The battle continued with several volleys of musketry, however, when the British closed with the American left, a bayonet charge scattered one battalion while the other stood its ground and was annihilated in a melee.

The British and Brunswickers suffered some large casualties but will recover. The Americans still have scores of militia. Thus the first action goes to the Crown. Huzzah! God Save the King.

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