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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Fort Anne Encampment 2nd Battalion 84th Regiment Royal Highland Emigrants, 2017

 Revillie 0700

dressed for duty

Leena falls in as a soldier's daughter

 lunch in the mess tent 

 Drummer Ian Redden

 Sunday morning change to a militia uniform due to the wet weather

early morning on the parade ground with the Artillery Park in the centre

 Drummer Ian Redden with his pipes

Leena with our colors

company commander Captain Robert Redden

Regiment forms for parade

Drummer Ian Redden falls in on his first parade. 

Brock, Lyman, Greg and myself at the reception held to thank our unit for helping to promote Annapolis Royal tourism

the musik lies dead on the field

the 84th prepare to fire a volley

the musik rises again

marching back into the camp

the regiment advances

awaiting orders

playing more music. My left arm was killing me as i hadnt played so much for a long time but it was worth it.

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