Thursday, 3 January 2019

2019 Plans, 17th century, 18th century, 1812,

Now, if I start out this year with a set out plan, I may actually get to doing them right? Sure, keep dreaming.
As far as some of my gamming periods go, I really should set out to do some interesting campaigns.

1. King Phillips War. Somewhere out in my library, I have one of the wargamming magazines which has an article about playing this war. I have begun following a Facebook page of this and should get about to do one.

2. King William's War: I'd like to put together a siege of Port Royal 1690s. I have figures to do this, just need to find a time to throw it together.

3. Seven Years War 1755-56 campaigns, including Battle of Lake George, Siege of Fort William Henry, and Montcalm's raids on Oswego

4. American Revolution, 1778 Monmouth Campaign. I've done a few of the battles but now that my British army has increased, I'd like to put together some more battles.

5. 1812. Summer 1813: get in some action with my American, Canadian and British troops.

With every second weekend off, and periods of the week when I have 3 days off, I might actually be able to get in some more gamming.

At present, the tempretures outside are around -25c so I don't feel like doing much out there. So any chance I get I shall be painting.
The first up will probobly be the American infantry I hadn't finished last fall.
I have also made a challenge for myself, not buying anything else for my collection for a year. This is mainly to try and claw back on spending and to work with what I have.

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