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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Ste Foy Part 1

This battle was one of the possible "what ifs" of Canadian history.
The refight 2/12/12

The French and Canadiens were thirsting for revenge on the British for capturing Quebec 6 months earlier. All through the winter, General Levis had trained his army in a combination of Canadien/French tactics to overcome the British in the walls of Quebec.
The British were deployed around the (gate). They had been able to reconstruct one redoubt to serve as a gun battery to protect the gate. Behind the redoubt, Murray kept his Grenadiers ready to repulse any attack. The first move Murray made was to advance a combined brigade of 15th/58th/28th/48th towards the main French battery. This was countered by Levis advancing his motly crew of regulars towards the British collum on the left while his Amerindians stormed the main British artillery position on the right.

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