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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Ste Foy part 3

One of the things I have to do as a father/graduate student is to try and be a bit creative and expand on the figures I have. I used American revolutionary figures as some of my French.


Levis had been forced to procure several different sources of clothing to keep his troops from freezing. He had one battalion dressed as though members of the Royale Eccossais, blue faced red while another brigade was dressed as though of the old uniforms of Royale Italien of brown faced red. The Canadiens kept their regular clothes but retained the coloured caps of red, blue and white touques.
While the French advanced, the gunners fired most of their shot at the gate. This resulted in a large breach being made. The Royal Artillery attempted in vain to beat off the Amerindian attack with grape shot, but due to the weather, most of the gunpowder had spoiled during the long winter. The Cannonier-Bombardier then fired over the heads of the Amerindians and smashed the British guns. At this, the Amerindians then rushed the position slaughtering any who still stood there.


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