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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

My rain & snow gear

Despite the Tokyo region being as far south as it is, relative to where I'm from in Nova Scotia, Canada, we do get snow from time to time. This winter we've had about 4 snowfalls. Yesterday was the biggest yet, at a paltry 15cm! Back home that's just flurries with slight accumlation.
My gear consists of a British Army issue Balaclava for AFV crews, a Mk II DPM NBC suit (because of Fukushima Dainichi blowing up, we're not sure if the rain is not radioactive) and beneath that, a nylon camoflage suit.
In Japan, I'm always stared at as I'm a foreigner. My feeling is, if you want to stare, have a reason. Nothing like going on the train in this stuff, or showing up at my schools. My students and teachers all think I look cool, though I'm not trying to invade anywhere.
The nylon suit I picked up at a Japanese shot called Workman, and my other military gear comes from the excellent British company which sells British and NATO gear.
I`m calm, I`m at peace, I`m enlightened

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