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Sunday, 17 February 2013

February 2012 sunday 17 battle

 So Ian decided that he wanted to have another battle whereby the English would attack a Scottish army in camp.
My Scottish army encamped.

The Highland pikemen advance. Ian let his pikes advance towards the right of the Scottish camp. His attempt was to break the Scottish horse as well as making the Highland clansmen disperse, thereby breaking into the camp.
The Scottish army camp. The first line of my attack was made up of two wings of musket blocks. Ian sent in his muskets which blasted mine, but they were then set upon by my clansmen. The Highland musketers then advanced in an arrow formation breaking the English horse, then setting upon their pike blocks. By dividing his army in two, Ian was forced to retreat. He took his defeat will.
This battle also has a video clip on youtube at my japanesehighlander channel

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