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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Sullivan's Campaign in the Mohawk Valley, summer 1779

This will not make me so popular with American readers, but General Washington sent General Sullivan to  search and destroy the Mohawk valley. The historical information which I used to put together this little scenario came from Osprey MAA American Loyalist Troops, Elite American Revolution Commanders and Warrior Continental Infantrymen in the American Revolution.

In that, Sullivan succeded in destroying the Mohawk valley. He failed in destroying the Mohawks, Butler's Rangers and the King's Royal Regiment of New York. The outcome was for the starving Mohawk people to first flee to Ft. Niagra, then after 1783, joined the tens of thousands of Loyalist refugees into Canada.

This action is an action between American Riflemen, and Light Infantry raiding a Mohawk farm which is then set upon by Loyalist militia, Butler's Rangers, and Light Infantry, as well as other Loyalist rangers units.

The Americans deployed in line to charge across the bridge, fording the river and attempting to force their way into the Mohawk farm.

Brant's White volunteers were guarding the main cabin, but were shot down at their place by American riflemen.

Johnson's Royal Yorkers formed a collum and advanced to flank the American left flank. The Loyalist Light infantry companies advanced and fired on the Americans. Their rifle fire was able to keep them off.

However, with Loyalist fire too hot, the Americans could not close on farm to get any supplies. Though the Loyalists troops took many casualties, they held the farm.

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