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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Cold Wars 1965-95

Most of my wargamming is during the Black Powder era. However, I do have an extensive collection of other time periods. Unfortunately, they are all in storage back in Canada. Update as of September 24, 2013, my rules for FIREPOWER game were chewed up by mice! They used the damm cards as nesting for their homes. Consequently I will have to invest in Cold War 1986 from Osprey publishing in order to have rules for my late 20th century games. All my other sets seem fine.

Future battles when back in Canada



Korea 1950-53


Battle of Kapyong April, 1951


UN Forces:

Australia: 2RAR

Canada: 2PPCLI Click for larger image

New Zealand: RNZA


US: Tank Battn


Chinese Communist Forces:

(modeled with WW2 Japanese and some Soviet)


Battle of the Hook March 1952


UN Forces:

UK: Black Watch, Duke of Wellington’s Regt,The King’s Regt, Click for larger image

Canada: 2PPCLI

Turkey: 1 Infantry Battalion



Chinese Communist Forces:
(modeled with WW2 Japanese/Russians)Click for larger image, Click for larger image



Suez 1956


British Forces: (WW2 mix using Commandos and Para’s as well as regular infantry)

Tanks: Use Centurian, Comet and Scout cars, Click for larger image, Click for larger image(forgive the iceberg in the desert!)


French Forces: (use a mix of WW2 and Modern French and early Cold War US gear)


Egyptian: A mix of WW2 Russian, NVA/VC figures and German African Korps

Tanks: WW2 Russian, heavy on T-34/85, Su100,


French Indo-China 1954-56

French Forces: A mix of WW2 French Infantry, Cold War French and WW2 US Airborne as Infantry

Tanks: WW2 US leftovers


Viet Minh: A mix of WW2 Japanese, VCClick for larger image, Click for larger image


Borneo 1962-66

Commonwealth Forces VS Communist Gurrileas

Figures: Commonwealth, a mix of Vietnam US, Airfix/Matchbox WW2 Australians, Airfix Gurkhas, Modern British using FN

CCF: WW2 Japanese, Vietnamese troops, Africa KorpsClick for larger image, Click for larger image

Mix of WW2 and Cold War Armor


Battle of Plamam Mapu April 27, 1965

2 ParaClick for larger image VS Indonesian (modeled with WW2 US Airborne)Click for larger image



Vietnam 1962-70



Battle of Long Tan August 18, 1966


5RARClick for larger image

D coy 6RAR: (Mix of US Vietnam figures, WW2 Airfix/Matchbox Australian and British paras for FNs and GPMGs)

1st Field Regt RAA: 3 105mm guns

1st APC Sqd: 3 M113 APCs 2 with Australian modifications

 (photo courtsey of Australian government Veterans Affairs website)


Vietnamese Units

275 Regt & 547NVA: Mix of NVA figures, heavy weapons from WW2 Japanese, Russian

D445VC: Mix of VC figs, heavy weapons same as NVAClick for larger image


Game dynamics: use Firepower rules

1.    D coy 6RAR advances into Long Tan Rubber plantation

2.    545 NVA deploy down the path, but can’t see RAR

3.    RAR fires first.

4.    NVA/VC begin to fire.

5.    RAA begin fire

6.    NVA/VC mortar fire

7.    D 6RAR try to fall back,

8.    RAR try to advance in support

9.    Airstrike possibility roll for (Halt RAA fire). If airstrike fails due to weather, recommence RAA fire

10. RAAF ammo resupply drop halt RAA fire

11.  NVA/VC begin reiencforce

12.  1APC Sqd begin advance

13. 11 platoon begin to fall back

14. 1APC begin to fire


Oman and Dhofar 1969-76


The Battle of Mirbat July 19, 1972

SAS vs Adoo Rebels

(SAS modeled on US Vietnam in bush hats, 1 25pdr gun) and Modern Brit Paras

Adoo Rebels modeled on Muslim warriors with SMLE and Africa Korps


Order of Battle NATO Forces 1965-90
Click for larger image, (thanks to for this shot)



British Army of the Rhine:

Queens Royal Hussars: 2x Challenger 2 Chieftan x 2

Blues and Royals: 2x Scorpions

Saracen APCx 2

Saladin Armoured Car x 2

Scimitar x 2

Spartan x 1 MCT Milan


19th RA 105mm

51st Highland Div

Brigade of Gurkhas



2 Para, Click for larger image British Infantry

Royal Marines



Para-Commando Battn


Canada: 1st Canadian Division:
Click for larger image(ok, not exactly fully Canadian, but those with the colt rifles are painted up as Canadian circa 1988-90, while
Click for larger image these are painted up circa 1990-2002ish)

RCHA: 2x M109 155mm

8th Canadian Hussars: 2x Leopard A1 + 1 M113 TOW
2 RCR: 1 battn + 3 M113 APC

2 PPCLI: 1 battn

1st Field RCA 2x105mm guns

Additional equipment, 3 Iltis Jeeps, 3 Half ton trucks,



1 Brigade:

1 armoured regiment: 1x Centurian, 1x Leopard A1, 1x M41, 2x M113ACV

Commando battn: 6 xMG442



1 AMX 13?

1eme Regiment Etranger (FFL)



1 Brigade: 1 Leopard A1, Hellenic Battn (mix of modern and WW2 kit)



1 Armoured Regt: 2x Leopard A2

3 Infantry Battns + M113 x2



M60 x2


Turkish Battn: Mix of Modern Germans, WW2 US


West Germany
Click for larger image

Panzer-Grenadier Div

Leopard 2 A2

Fallsjager Div: 1 Airborne Bde + Wiesel, Wolf trucks
Click for larger image

KRK Special forces
Click for larger image, Click for larger imageKSK



Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact

Click for larger image, Click for larger image, Click for larger image

Various Russian armoured viechles  which I will fix later

Soviet Union:

1 Guards Army 1 Motor Rifles BMPx3


1 Rocket Truck

1 Scud,

German Democratic Republic

3 T-72 + PT-76



T-54 x3 + 1 infantry battn + 3 BTR 50 +1 BRDM 2, ,


T-54x 3 + 1 infantry battn + 1 BRDM 2


T-55x3 1 Infantry Battn 2x BTR 152


Polish Naval Inf Bde. 1 Battn + PT-76 + Su100 + BRDM 2

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