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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

British Raid on the Beauport lines 1759

This action is not the frontal assualt which took place in July but rather, a small action whereby the British raid a battery to destroy the guns and steal the supplies.
Ian seems to be praying that his army will not get blown apart. In this shot we see the battlefield. The French Compaigne Frances on the lower right are advancing along the waterline to try and flank the advancing British. The Canadien milice are providing support. The French centre position is being held by more companies of Compaigne Frances, while a small band of Hurons are holding just in a small wood. The upper left if the French gun battery. The British are a mix of Grenadiers (whats left of them after the last failed attack), Fraser's Highlanders, and regular British infantry.
Ian was the British player while I was the French. The French troops were made up of a small contingient of Hurons, a large amount of Compaigne Frances de La Marine, and a few detachments of the French metropolitian units. The British were made up of Grenadiers, 78th Frasers Highlanders and Rangers.
The French goal was to repel the attack, or to destroy the attackers. The British objective was to spike the guns, and capture as many supplies as possible.
The French guns made tough work on the British assault. Eventually, the British were able to smash into the French lines. The French broke, and the British helped themselves to French supplies.

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