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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The assault on Bork September 29, 1758

Ah, the second week of vacation, and isn't it always that the week before vacation, the weather is warm, sunny, and the vacation arrives and the weather is a mix of sunny, then rainy and the tempreture drops!

Perfect wargamming weather.

The forces involved


The mixed French and Austrian force marching through Germany.

Allied horse head toward the French and Austrians

The French advance up the road.

In this action Ian took the French. I was the Allied.

The French advanced up the road, then deployed the majority of their cavalry into the woods seeking out skirmishers.
The Hessians had deployed a mixed brigade and a gun at the head of the road. The French continued up the road and were charged by the 17th Light Dragoons. The Hessians and Brunswickers poured volleys into the French as they deployed into line. The French were a mix of infantry companies.
The RA were able to mow down files of French and disrupt the French horse. The 17th Lt. Dragoons had been able to charge at the French supply wagons but were then decended upon by the French Hussars and Russians Cossacks. Finally, with the 88th Highlanders charging into the French line,

they began to fall back. By the end, the supply wagons were able to flee while the Artillerie Royale were destroyed by the Hessian guns.
To keep Ian's feelings in check it was declared a draw.

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