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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Arakawa World School Camp, August 24-28, 2013

WOW, I had a pretty busy but good week!
I had to finish up the Matsudo city Junior High school English Speech contest, then I had to do a special work assignment.

Back in June, we had an invitation to volunteer for this camp, which is put on by Arakawa-ku Board of Education. It's a massive program involving 20 Assistant English Teachers (the native English speaking ones,) 12 Japanese education student teachers, 10 Japanese teachers and about 140 Grade 6 students from all over Arakawa-ku's elementary schools. The event took place at Arakawa-ku's Summer education camp in Kiyosato, Yamanashi-ken, a 3 hour bus ride from Tokyo. The place was GREAT! The accommodations were similar to a YMCA conference centre. The food was superb and our students were top notch, as were the men and women to work with.

The pictures I took are of the teachers and some scenery.

Viren from California and I. This was taken in the Teacher's lounge which had a soft drink and beer vending machine! Each night, after we had our meetings, we'd go here to relax and have snacks which were provided. Usually they had hot dogs or sandwiches, or instant soup. There was coffee in the mornings.

Chris from Colorado, and Martin from Michigan

There is an interesting story involving this shot, but I leave that one for Martin to tell. It involves his teenage years. Viren, Chris, Martin and I all shared the room. The accommodations provided Japanese futons, Japanese style chairs and a table.

Jessica from Philadelphia, incidentally a fellow wargammer, and Matt from Belfast, Northern Ireland. We were coming back on the bus on August 28. We went up on the same bus and came back on it.

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