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Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Battle of Brandywine Creek, September 11, 1777

This is a battle I have been waiting to play all summer. This was one of the major battles the British campaigned for during the pivotal year of 1777.

For this battle, we are using Ian's new fort to simulate the fortificaitons Sullivan's troops held on the American right.

King's Forces:

Right Wing:

16th Light Dragoons
Royal Artillery 2 guns

Guards and Grenadier Brigades

Light Infantry Brigade

3rd Brigade:
15th 17th 42nd 44th with one RA gun

4th Brigade:
33rd, 37th ,46th, 64th with one RA gun

Left Wing:

Queen's Rangers
71st Regiment (3 battalions)

1st Brigade:
4th, 23rd, 28th, 49th with one RA gun

The American forces consisted of:

Chad's Ford redoubt: 4th Continental Artillery: 6 Guns. These were to be deployed in the redoubt but Ian deployed them outside except for one in the earthworks.

(sorry for the blurry shot on the American horse)
North Carolina Brigade: 9 Regiments.Connecuticut Brigade: 4 Regiments.Pennsylvania Brigade: 2 militia brigades.Virginia Brigade: 2 brigades of 6 regiments.Wayne's Division; 2 brigades of 9 regiments from Pennsylvania As I didn't have enough figures, I was unable to field Sullivan's troops.
(However, as of September 24, 2013, I now have sufficient figures and will refight this battle again this fall)

The battle opened with Ian taking the American Army. He then has massed his artillery into a grand battery and began to blast apart my British troops. Slowly, they advanced while the Royal Artillery searched out and destroyed each gun.
The 16th Light Dragoons attempted a frontal charge on a militia brigade but amazingly, the brigade held and then proceeded to shoot down most of the troopers. The Queen's Rangers did a much better job by charging up with drawn pistols and blasting into the militia's ranks. At that, they then began to run. The 71st then made a wild charge at the remaining American guns killing many of the crews. The Highlanders were supported by Loyalist Highlanders but were pushed back by an American regiment. Ian plugged the gap in his line with regular infantry. However, once the British line advanced into firing range, the volleys cut down the Americans.

Despite still holding the high ground with defences, the Americans decided to withdrawl. However, since the British lost half of their cavalry force, they were unable to pursuit. The American horse covered the retreat. So once again, a victory for myself, but still not an absolute victory.

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