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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Battle of Germantown October 4, 1777

This battle was an attempt by Washington to get back at the British for Brandywine.
(photo courtsey of King's Orange Rangers)
The American forces consisted of Wayne's Brigade, Weeden's Brigade, Muhlenburg's Brigade, Maxwell's Light Infantry, Bland's 1st Dragoons, Stephen's Division, Stirling's Division, Militia of New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania.  
The Crown forces were made up of:
Composite Grenadiers, Composite Light Infantry, Composite Guards, 5th, 25th, 27th, 40th and 55th.
(photo courtsey of King's Orange Rangers)
(photo courtsey of New France/Old England site)

(photo courtsey of artist)
(photo courtsey of artist)
(photos courtsey of the Jersey Militia, UK)
The battle refought August 15, 2013. The battle started off with the Americans charging at the Chew House.

 The American right wing
made up of militia hit the British Grenadier battalion
on their left and badly maulded them.
The British right wing continued to press the American left.
A final cavalry charge sent them packing while the British centre pressed the American right. The Grenadiers were destroyed, and the Pennsylvannia militia were able to break into Germantown. The Chew house was badly smashed up by the American artillery which cleared out the last of the 40th and Light Infantry. Unfortunately, neither side was able to press home their advantages. Like it's historic counterpart, the battle ended in a draw.
Stirling's Division

4th Battalion, Royal Artillery

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